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Moody's Investment Grade

1. A ratings system used by Moody's to gauge the risk of municipal bonds and the creditworthiness of their issuers. The ratings are number one through four, with a one (MIG 1) representing the highest quality and a four (MIG 4) representing the lowest quality.

2. In other bonds, a rating higher than Baa, indicating that the issue is sufficiently low risk as to allow banks to invest in them. See: Investment-grade.


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Croix Valley MIG, open to any WNA member, is a geographic MIG based in the Northwest/St.
In short, we learned a lot during the roughly two decades the Air Force operated their MiGs, and Red Eagles provides an interesting view of the program and its pilots.
Christodoulou says that MIGS has addressed the Parliament and the Interior Ministry in the past in relation to these references in the Law, but has not as yet received any response.
With repossession rates soaring, and claims by lenders going through the roof, insurers very quickly fell out of love with MIGs, and they virtually disappeared.
Moreover, the widespread use of MiGS by banks across the Middle East and Levant proves that it is successfully contributing to the e-commerce ambitions of the banking sector.
TNS supports MiGS with payment software for a range of online payments services commonly used in Card-Not-Present transactions.
The integrated platform of @ltijara with MiGS will enable merchants to have an effective e-payments solution that provides additional security measures.
Hottiet also noted that the supply of the MiGs could fuel additional domestic debate about the role of Hizbullah's arms.
MiGS will reportedly enable Emirates to conduct safe and secure online transactions for a variety of payment types, including all global brands of credit cards.
The agency will allow low-acid canned food manufacturers who follow the proposed rule to change immediately from the currently required MIGs to alternative TIDs.
Afterwards," he said, "a couple of MiGs hopped across from Manchuria and took a pass at the B-29s.