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Bar Code

A code placed on a product that a machine can read. Groceries and other products commonly have bar codes on them so a machine can display how much they cost. This ensures accurate prices are paid on retail goods. Bar codes were invented by a graduate student in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, in 1948.

bar code

an alpha or alpha-numeric code, converted into a series of lines and spaces which are marked on products. Bar coding and the use of bar code scanners enables a firm to obtain accurate data quickly on its STOCK position to help with planning its reordering of goods; and can be used to adjust the prices of goods more easily than by replacing price tags. See EPOS.
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Download the free Microsoft Tag Reader application at http://gettag.
We're excited to have Turkcell as our first mobile operator partner to extend the Microsoft Tag platform and offer additional value to brands and marketing partners," said Brian Fleisher, senior director, product management and business development for Microsoft Tag at Microsoft Corp.
Accordingly, Turkcell becomes the first mobile operator to extend the value of Microsoft Tag to provide an innovative campaign management service for marketers and advertisers.
Once a customer has downloaded the free Microsoft Tag Reader (from http://gettag.
A master Microsoft Tag found on page 143 of the magazine and on allure.
QR Codes Powered by JAGTAG can be read by any QR Code scanning application, excluding the Microsoft Tag Reader.
Customers, who will see the new features take effect in early October 2012 with a newly updated Pirq app, can simply use their mobile phone to scan a Microsoft Tag or send an SMS text message to accumulate punches and earn rewards.
According to Microsoft Tag, 51% of smartphone users are more likely to buy from a retailer with a mobile specific web site, however, only 4.
April 4, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- Brisk[R] Iced Tea invites fans to taste "The Force" as it unveils a limited-time one-liter bottle with the first-ever Kinect scannable Microsoft tag (M-Tag) printed on a bottle that unlocks content in an Xbox game.
The promotion is powered by the L4 Mobile contest and sweepstakes management platform, Interplay[TM], which is integrated with the Microsoft Tag platform.
Jim Carr's direct involvement over the last decade consulting at the world's largest software maker in Redmond helped pioneer such startup projects as Zune, Microsoft Auto, Microsoft Tag, and other groups with Microsoft Office, Microsoft IT, Zune Marketplace, Metro, Windows CE for Automotive, xBox Live and many more.
Redeeming a Pirq deal is quick and easy: customers simply show up at the restaurant and scan a Microsoft Tag with their phone.

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