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Bar Code

A code placed on a product that a machine can read. Groceries and other products commonly have bar codes on them so a machine can display how much they cost. This ensures accurate prices are paid on retail goods. Bar codes were invented by a graduate student in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, in 1948.

bar code

an alpha or alpha-numeric code, converted into a series of lines and spaces which are marked on products. Bar coding and the use of bar code scanners enables a firm to obtain accurate data quickly on its STOCK position to help with planning its reordering of goods; and can be used to adjust the prices of goods more easily than by replacing price tags. See EPOS.
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McQuain remarks that Microsoft Tag is "highly effective" as a tool for marketing and appealing to customers in new, unprecedented ways.
According to the company, Microsoft Tag is a mobile barcode technology that enables consumers to use their smartphone cameras to scan a Tag that has been placed on an object and unlock digital content, connecting the real world with the digital world.
Interplay is fully integrated with the Microsoft Tag platform to allow engagement with Tag custom branded 2D barcodes and standard QR codes.
A Microsoft tag is also a two-dimensional code that allows users to view content on their camera phones and is compatible with all Microsoft products.
Licensing Direct[TM] will place the Microsoft Tag encoded with its company website on informational, 4 color promotional fliers that highlight the various industry-leading trade shows they participate in on behalf of the inventions they represent.
2D bar codes, QR codes, Microsoft Tags, SMS) into instant, interactive consumer "engagements" on mobile phones.
We're excited to debut the Microsoft Tag technology in Practical Horseman's July issue with highlights from Jim Wofford's course walk at the 2010 Rolex Kentucky Three-Day Event," said Sandra Oliynyk, editor of Practical Horseman.
PIRQ , a deal app and service that integrates Microsoft Tag into a 100% smart phone solution to offer a new, "2.
More advanced MMS campaigns can include 2D barcodes such as a Microsoft Tag placed on product packaging that consumers scan using a phone's camera.
From now through September 15th, HMSHost's customers can use the free Microsoft Tag Reader on their smartphone to scan the Microsoft Tag found on 32 oz.
By simply tapping "commit" and "redeem," the Pirq deal is authenticated using a unique Microsoft Tag inside the business.

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