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Back office

Brokerage house clerical operations that support, but do not include, the trading of stocks and other securities. All written confirmation and settlement of trades, record keeping, and regulatory compliance happen in the back office.

Back Office

The various administrative and support offices of a company, especially a financial services company. The back office departments handle internal accounting, compliance with government regulations, legal matters, settlements, and clearing services. While they do not generally deal with clients, they are necessary for the smooth function of the office. See also: Front office, Middle office.

back office

The physical location within a business where records are kept and processed. In the case of a brokerage firm, the back office includes the section where individual account records are kept, checks are processed, and security certificates are sent. Also called operations department.
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Microsoft BackOffice Server, the integrated server suite optimized for Microsoft Windows NT Server, simplifies the development, management, and deployment of powerful solutions for departments, branch offices, and mid-sized organizations.
The company has a reputation for being first to market with advanced technologies in enterprise business solutions, and Navision Financials has received the Designed for Microsoft Windows 98/NT logo, the Designed for Microsoft BackOffice logo and the Microsoft Office 97 logo.
Mission Critical Software (Nasdaq:MCSW), a leading provider of systems management software for Windows NT and Windows 2000 networks and Internet infrastructures, today announced the OnePoint Operations Manager solution for Microsoft BackOffice has been expanded to include support for Microsoft Site Server, Microsoft SQL Server, and Microsoft Distributed Transaction Server.
OnePoint Operations Manager for Microsoft BackOffice optimizes performance, ensures availability and enhances the service levels of the following products in the Microsoft BackOffice family.
The OnePoint Operations Manager for Microsoft BackOffice solution is available today as part of the Mission Critical Software OnePoint Operations Manager product.
Purple is using the following Microsoft technologies: Office 2000, including Outlook and Microsoft BackOffice Server 4.
Microsoft Group Product Manager, BackOffice Marketing, Dave Meltzer, stated, "Purple has developed a unique customer relationship management solution that leverages Microsoft BackOffice Server 4.
Online Learning `99 Conference, Centra 99 for Microsoft BackOffice
Demonstrated live onstage at Online Learning '99, Centra 99 for Microsoft BackOffice will be debuted today as part of the keynote address presented by Jeff Raikes, Group Vice President, Worldwide Sales and Support at Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ:MSFT).
Centra 99 for Microsoft BackOffice will enable customers to reap the business benefits to be gained from integrated learning with Microsoft based digital dashboard solutions - an environment that supports learning anytime, anywhere, using the tools that knowledge workers already use.

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