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DOS (Disk Operating System)

a COMPUTER program which enables a computer to record and retrieve data from a rotating magnetic or vinyl disk. The most widely-used disk operating system is MSDOS, which is used on computers that are compatible with the IBM personal computer.
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But the company may well suffer from a longer-term backlash, given that rivals are gleefully ready to take advantage of every Microsoft misstep.
It's an honor to be incorporated as one of Microsoft Office System's trusted web service partners -- reinforcing our mission to be a leading online directory resource providing meaningful value to both our customers and partners alike," said Max Bardon, president of W3 Data, Inc.
With new enterprise functionality and analytical tools, the expanded Microsoft Project 2002 family combines intuitive project management, accessibility and collaboration, and a powerful project management platform to foster greater productivity and knowledge management with better business results.
The Microsoft wars have often been compared to the Standard Oil case, and the analogy is apt--though not in the way it is usually intended.
Microsoft is not the answer: It has convinced the world of that.
The government replies that making sure businesses compete fairly is precisely what the Microsoft antitrust case is about.
Microsoft, on the other hand, quickly issued a terse statement indicating that the company was already formulating its appeal.
Its ostensibly villainous reputation has certainly not hindered Microsoft in itS recruiting efforts.
Leveraging Microsoft products and technologies, InvisibleCRM was able to create a unique line of products that allows business applications to effectively display and update their data in Microsoft Office and Microsoft Windows," said Aleksey Savateyev, Program Manager, Microsoft Developer & Platform Evangelism.
The stakes over the new legal fight essentially boil down to an interpretation of the 1995 consent decree between the Justice Department and Microsoft that settled an earlier antitrust dispute.
Customers are looking for partner companies that can bridge the gap between their business demands and technology capabilities," said Allison Watson, Corporate Vice President, Microsoft Worldwide Partner Group at Microsoft Corp.
As part of the agreement, Apple and Microsoft will put aside a long-running patent dispute.