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DOS (Disk Operating System)

a COMPUTER program which enables a computer to record and retrieve data from a rotating magnetic or vinyl disk. The most widely-used disk operating system is MSDOS, which is used on computers that are compatible with the IBM personal computer.
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As for the desktop, where Microsoft controls a 90 to 95 percent market share for operating systems and applications, it will be quite some time, perhaps more than a decade, before Linux cracks the double digits.
The Microsoft Office System consists of the 2003 editions of Microsoft Office, Microsoft Office SharePoint Portal Server 2003, Microsoft Office Project and Project Server 2003, Microsoft Exchange Server 2003, Microsoft Office Live Communications Server 2003, Microsoft Office Live Meeting, Microsoft Office FrontPage 2003, Microsoft Office InfoPath 2003, Microsoft Office OneNote 2003, Microsoft Office Publisher 2003, Microsoft Office Visio 2003 and the Microsoft Office Solution Accelerators.
BST Software will be demonstrating a variety of its solutions at upcoming tradeshows including: June 3-6; AEC Internet Strategies - Anaheim, CA, June 4; ACEC Canada 2002 Annual Convention - Charlevoix, Quebec, June 26-29; Microsoft Fusion 2002 - Los Angeles, July 12-15; FIDIC 2002 Annual Conference - Acapulco, Mexico, September 29-October 2; The Zweig Letter Hot Firm 2002 Conference - Boston, October 9-11; EFCG CEO Conference 2002 - New York City, October 16; ProjectWorld Midwest - Chicago, November 11-14; and ACEA Awards for Excellence 2002 - Melbourne, Australia, December 6.
In fact, just as the threat of new entry into the operating system, browser, and applications markets has kept Microsoft from ever exercising its supposed "monopoly power," so did new sources of competition keep Standard Oil from raising its prices.
I think dividing Microsoft into three companies is the cleanest and most effective (long-term) solution.
Microsoft says that Internet Explorer is actually part of its Windows operating system, and not a separate product.
Microsoft's monopoly power,'' he concluded, ``is also evidenced by the fact that, over the course of several years, Microsoft took actions that only could have been advantageous if they operated to reinforce monopoly power.
The company clearly got a big boost when, in 1981, IBM chose Microsoft to supply the operating system for its personal computers.
A fundamental principle at Microsoft is that Windows gets better and makes the PC easier to use with each new version,'' said Bill Gates, chairman and chief executive of Microsoft.
Upsizes Microsoft Access-based tables, relationships, indexes, rules, defaults and counters into a SQL Server database.
Becoming a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner demonstrates our expertise in delivering solutions on the Microsoft platform that help customers better govern the IT estate," remarked Andy Burton, CEO of Centennial Software.