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Besides maps of regions and towns, the publishing company creates hand-painted maps of any area, for example a ski resort, microregion or the whole country.
Tenders Are Invited for "development of the iv microregion, Including rehabilitation and reconstruction of streets, Energy saving lighting and landscaping in the area of vetren str.
South of the area, barrow cemeteries were again found on the southern outskirts of the sandy North-Eastern Lithuanian plain, where, on the banks of the lower reaches of the Mera River, several groups of Baliuliai barrows of the late 4th to the first half of the 5th century, as well as a hill fort with a foot settlement and the assumed Zalavas barrow cemeteries intervened; however, the said sites accounted for a small separate microregion (Balakauskas & Kurila 2012, 129 f.
Melon production in Rio Grande do Norte is concentrated in the microregion of Mossoro, specifically on the Apodi Plateau, encompassing the semi-arid region close to the coast.
9" W), in the Settlement Project Rio Pirangi, located in the municipality of Morros, which is part of the North Maranhense mesoregion, Rosario microregion and of the Munim river basin in the State of Maranhao.
This study searched to verify the possible presence of antibiotic residues in pasteurized and unpasteurized milk, produced and marketed in the microregion of Capanema, State of Parana, Brazil, through qualitative screening methods for detection of four different groups of drugs, [beta]-lactams, tetracyclines, quinolones and sulfonamides, to map the status of the chemical milk quality in respect of contamination by antibiotic residues.
The treatments were grouped into blocks with four replications in 4 independent experiments in different locations separated by time and place in the microregion of the Lages fields.
Prevalence and infectious etiology of bovine mastitis in the Cuiaba microregion.
It is considered an important ecotonal forest fragment of an altitude swamp located in the microregion of 'Brejo Paraibano', in the city of Bananeiras--PB state, Brazil, being one of its main fragments with approximately 35.
Al conocer ambos polos, se hace pertinente el resolver junto con los maestros de educacion basica, el problema de como se percibe el desarrollo de las capacidades humanas de nosotros mismos, para luego desarrollar y lograr las de nuestros alumnos, traduciendose en desarrollo humano; con la consideracion de las politicas de la SEP y los IDH publicados, respecto a la realidad de los alumnos y su tejido social en la microregion.
To assess tourist competitiveness, the characteristics were normalised by standardising jth variable of ith microregion.
columella in various aquatic habitats and in drinking waters from production systems at the Instituto Federal de Educacao, Ciencia e Tecnologia do Espirito Santo on Caparao Microregion, state of Espirito Santo, during the years 2010 to 2013.