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The geographic microregion of Guanambi/ Bahia, which comprised 42 certified (7) contemporaneous quilombos until 2016, distributed over 10 municipalities, represented the empirical field.
The study was conducted in a commercial dairy cattle farm, Rocadinho Farm, located in the municipality of Capoeiras, Agreste Mesoregion and Vale do Ipojuca Microregion, Pernambuco, Brazil (8[degrees] 36' S, 36[degrees] 37' W and altitude of 850 m).
One of Varga-Harris's most welcome additions to the historiography is the complex interplay she reveals among interior spaces of the individual apartment, liminal spaces like corridors and courtyards, and the larger microregion (mikroraion) being planned to accommodate residents and propel them toward the realization of a communist society.
The study was conducted in Parque Estadual Mata do Pau-Ferro (6[degrees]58'12" S and 35[degrees]42'15" W) located in the municipality of Areia, in the microregion of Brejo Paraibano and mesoregion of Agreste Paraibano (Paraiba, Brazil) (Figure 1).
Local authorities represented by mayors or their deputies together with microregion and community representatives have been involved in the project (15--local authorities.
(13) However, studies conducted in the poorest regions obtained different results, as a study undertaken in the (urban and rural) municipality of Sao Joao do Tigre, of the Cariris Velhos microregion, State of Paraiba, with 458 families with children under 5 years, found 87.3% of FI.
Besides maps of regions and towns, the publishing company creates hand-painted maps of any area, for example a ski resort, microregion or the whole country.