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a small-scale COMPUTER with modest data storage facilities, usually comprising a CPU (central processing unit), DISK DRIVES, KEYBOARD and monitor or VDU (visual display unit). Standalone, computers can be designed as desktop machines or as portable LAPTOP units.

As microcomputers have become more powerful in terms of data processing speed and data storage capacity the distinction between them and MINICOMPUTERS has become blurred.

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The endorsement data for microcomputers provided by the responding schools is also included in Table VI.
The purpose of this framework agreement is the acquisition, delivery, installation and commissioning of desktop pc-type microcomputers and their accessories, portable pc-type microcomputers and their accessories and peripherals on the different sites of the university jean moulin lyon 3 computer equipment, excluding video projectors and digital cameras.
Panasonic plans to expand the field of applications of ReRAM microcomputers to other applications, including non-contact IC cards such as electronic passports, wearable equipment connected to the cloud, and energy harvesting(2) related products.
The amazing increase in computing power and data storage of microcomputers, their low cost, and the development of user friendly software have combined to make microcomputers a suitable replacement for the mainframe computer for some applications.
A LAN is a direct, high-speed connection of microcomputers that allows all the communication activities previously discussed.
Revolutionary microcomputer technology has made basic foundry metallurgical testing duties quicker and easier.
Thus, the studies reported in this article were oriented specifically towards the use of microcomputers within the logistics function of the firm.
The AICPA information technology division also develops publications to help auditors keep abreast of evolving technologies such as client-server computing and image processing and to provide guidance on technology issues such as disaster recovery, microcomputer security and CPA firm technology planning.
Microcomputer Abstracts, the oldest and largest online database with a focus on personal computers, is now available on The FirstSearch Catalog and the EPIC service, OCLC online reference services.
Librarians are teaching information management, microcomputer basics, software packages, telecommunications, database searching, Internet access, research methods, and other related topics.
These leading educators, almost all self taught on microcomputers, designed a practical, useful and friendly graduate-level course in microcomputer education for inservice teachers in Pennsylvania.
Tax professionals using interactive tax software may now spend many hours per week working at a microcomputer terminal, especially during the busy season.

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