Mezzanine level

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Mezzanine level

The period in a company's development just before it goes public.

Mezzanine Level

1. Informal; In bracketing, the second largest underwriting group responsible for placing a certain amount of a new issue with investors. The term is sometimes used interchangeably with "major bracket." Brackets are listed in order of size on an advertisement detailing each new issue, known as the tombstone.

2. In venture capital, a term used to describe a company with more risk and more potential return than an IPO, but less than a startup. It is also used to describe a company in which venture capital has been invested six to 12 months before going public. In general, the mezzanine level is a company that once was a startup but has succeeded and is progressing toward public trade. See also: Mezzanine financing, Mezzanine debt.
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Offered in multiple configurations, the Tri-Side safety gate is engineered to reduce the potential for accidents associated with pallet drop areas on mezzanine levels.
The larger of the two shops, where Mesa Grill is currently located at 102 Fifth, has 4,000 s/f of ground level space with additional basement and mezzanine levels.
The wire mesh barriers provide an effective safety solution to protect staff working on the mezzanine levels which reach a height of nearly nine metres and each cover an area of ground 1000 sq metres.
As is always the case when restrictions come in, loopholes are sought to circumnavigate those restrictions and developing additional floorspace within the shell of a building was clearly an attractive route either by creating mezzanine levels or even opening up basement areas.
Sunk partly underground, to maintain the domestic scale, a block has been added to the north-west side, housing architectural studios on basement and mezzanine levels.
Mezzanine levels have long been popular in church and chapel conversions, but they can also be used to add an extra room in ordinary houses, says Julia Gray YOU might not think so when it's as cold as it is now, but you''re lucky if your home has rooms with really high ceilings.
Four commercial spaces situated in the lobby and mezzanine levels will offer luxury work space in one of the last authentic corners to remain in this rapidly burgeoning neighborhood.