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The Mexican peso has underperformed the rest of the region for the last few days, and if you look at Trump's move in the polls, it's a mirror image.
Yet the easy money in the Mexican peso and the Bolsa in Mexico City has now been made.
"The Mexican peso and the Russian rouble are our top two picks in the emerging market space in the first half of 2012," said Audrey Childe-Freeman, global head of currency strategy for JP Morgan Private Bank, in an email.
For both of these currencies (as well as the Mexican peso), depreciation is said to be partly a response to an increasing likelihood of U.S.
Among his policy papers, the most famous is the 1994 Brookings paper that predicted the Mexican peso crisis, but that is only one of many policy papers that repays rereading.
"This increase reflects the solid growth in total volume, the price stability in the domestic market, as well as the slight devaluation of the Mexican peso," Modelo's Chief Executive Officer Carlos Fernandez said in a statement.
He was also remarkably consistent--and dare I say principled--in his bailout of the Mexican peso, his resolve during the government shutdown, his promotion of tolerance and diversity; and in establishing Americorps, expanding access to higher education, and signing a welfare reform bill.
The international debt crisis and Mexican peso crisis sent shock waves through the economies of several developing nations, some of which have not been able to regain currency stability.
He ticks off a litany of problems affecting the Mexican industry, including the strength of the dollar compared to the Mexican peso, which is making scrap purchases more difficult.
Worst Mistake: In a campaign of 150,000 pieces mailed to Mexico, the value of the Spanish peseta was used instead of the Mexican peso when converting a price.
While the $1.2 billion company reported a small profit last year, lagging productivity in Argentina and Brazil and the devaluation of the Mexican peso have hurt sales.
Major risk assessment services failed to predict the Mexican peso devaluation and the Asian currency crisis, even though there were clear warning signs in these countries, such as current account deficits of more than 8 percent of GDP, high levels of dollar-denominated debt and high ratios of non-performing to total bank loans in Asia.