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The Mexican peso has underperformed the rest of the region for the last few days, and if you look at Trump's move in the polls, it's a mirror image.
The Mexican peso is a classic risk appetite correlated currency since offshore investors own $73 billion or 52 per cent of the local peso government debt market.
The Mexican peso and the Russian rouble are our top two picks in the emerging market space in the first half of 2012," said Audrey Childe-Freeman, global head of currency strategy for JP Morgan Private Bank, in an email.
Not surprisingly, foreign investors are cautious of the Latin American markets after the fall of the Mexican peso wiped out over $10 billion in U.
By now you've heard the news: the Mexican peso has suffered a free fall.
In fact, until the recent de valuation of the Mexican peso, proponents of NAFTA had claimed that the matter was settled and not worthy of further discussion or investigation.
This situation had the effect of risking falling back on monetary reserves and greatly devaluating the Mexican peso, among other things, in order to support and protect the country's exports.
0745 at the US dollar / Mexican peso exchange rate determined by the Banco de Mexico for transactions on May 31, 2007, with the amount of CPOs to be distributed to be based on the weighted-average price of all CEMEX CPO transactions on May 30, 2007, reflected in the Bolsa Mexicana de Valores (Mexican Stock Exchange), minus a 20% discount.
WASHINGTON, Nov 9 (KUNA) -- Dow futures briefly plummeted by 750 points and the Mexican peso fell to its lowest as Donald Trump did better than analysts had projected in the US presidential elections, US media reported on Wednesday.
14 sees Parker's Mexican Peso dropping in distance having been campaigned over six bends lately.
Following first of three presidential debate between Clinton-Trump Asian shares recovered from an early bout of nerves while the Mexican peso surged.
The affirmation is based on the company's improved financial outcomes in the 12 months to September 2011 on the back of operating efficiencies, an appreciation of the Mexican peso in the first half of the year, the company's improved product mix and some price increases, S&P said.