metropolitan area

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metropolitan area

(1) Generally, any area in or around a city. (2) A concept developed by the federal Office of Management and Budget (OMB) in order to standardize the descriptions of geographical areas so that comparisons of data among various federal agencies could be on an apples-to-apples basis; all data regarding a particular metropolitan area would apply to the same geographical area and the same population density and profile.Today,the concept is called core-based statistical areas,which include metropolitan statistical areas and micropolitan statistical areas. One may find statistical information about each at the Web site of the U.S. Census,

• Metropolitan statistical areas contain at least one urbanized area of 50,000 people or more.

• Micropolitan statistical areas contain at least one urbanized area and a population of 10,000 to 50,000 people.

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Table 2 reports the partial correlations of multifamily permitting with each of these three population density variables and with metro population.
The city, with a metro population of about 91,000, is home to the Greater Cheyenne Greenway, a system of paths and trails that link the city's parks and neighborhoods.
12+ year old profitable and growing, professional engineering & consulting company located in a rapidly growing metropolitan center in the Southeast, with a metro population of over 3 million.
With a city population of just under 190,000 and a metro population of about 350,000, Reno describes itself as "the biggest little city in the world.
Net migration to the greater Tampa area remains healthy, and a large number of these people are retirees--about 25 percent of the Tampa metro population is aged 65 or older.
Two hundred and fifty-thousand visitors swell the metro population of 2.
8 percent growth in the metro population, and, individually, over half of all nonmetro counties lost population during the 1980s (Ghelfi & Parker, In press).
The patient monitoring market in India primarily finds its place among the urban and metro population of the country.
19) But most of the special districts that do so operate multiple, small suburban parks and libraries that are geared more toward nearby residents than to an entire metro population.
25+ year old profitable and growing, non-unionized, commercial offset printer located in a business-rich metropolitan location with a metro population of over 3 million.

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