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Maximum expected return criterion (MERC)

Standard that one choose the asset with the highest anticipated return.

Chicago Mercantile Exchange

The largest options and futures exchange in the world. Founded as a non-profit at the end of the nineteenth century, it demutualized in 2000 and went public in 2002. Approximately 70% of its business takes place electronically on CME Globex, the oldest electronic futures exchange in the world with well over one billion transactions since its introduction in 1992. In October 2008, in light of the credit crunch, the CME allied with the Citadel Investment Group LLC to create a transparent electronic trading platform for default credit swaps.


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On Sunday, with environmentalists telling us the world is coming to an end, another bunch of blokes will spend their time charging around in Ferraris and Mercs, again in Melbourne where the Formula One season starts.
To find your nearest Little Kickers or Mighty Mercs club call 0191 406 6329.
Sci-fi fans will appreciate Sackhoff as one of the mercs, and while the film sags in places, there are some gloriously cool action sequences as Riddick plans retribution.
Here they are, world coming to an end, and they're fooling about in Ferraris and Mercs.
The German Federal Motor Vehicle Department recognise Brabus as a motor manufacturer because their work on Mercs is so extensive.
New Government rules mean that they will have to swap their Mercs for Mondeos.
EENT will also be working with the Pennsylvania DEP Office of Air Quality to set up the first ever mobile emissions tax credit (MERC) program in Pennsylvania, and both groups look forward to the potential of utilizing the AXP - Track Star combination as a way to provide a significant boost in the effort to develop MERCs for the AXP 1000 (see www.
And being Mercs, there's a terrific list of optional extras and some intriguing tech such as night vision, plus a host of safety systems.
ACTOR and comedian Felix Dexter is addicted to his Mercs but he'd have an Aston new Martin if he didn't have to put up with the guilty voices inside his head.
But unlike the big limos favoured by villains in the past, the Mercs are small enough to nip through heaving traffic yet powerful enough - 0-60mph in eight seconds - for a quick getaway.
Don't know what those two gobshites in the adverts are doing on Honda 50s, with all your money they could be driving Mercs.
Mercedes tuning specialists Brabus have revealed a one-off supercar based on the Mercedes SL65 AMG Black Series that is set to become one of the fastest Mercs of all-time.