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Maximum expected return criterion (MERC)

Standard that one choose the asset with the highest anticipated return.
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Chicago Mercantile Exchange

The largest options and futures exchange in the world. Founded as a non-profit at the end of the nineteenth century, it demutualized in 2000 and went public in 2002. Approximately 70% of its business takes place electronically on CME Globex, the oldest electronic futures exchange in the world with well over one billion transactions since its introduction in 1992. In October 2008, in light of the credit crunch, the CME allied with the Citadel Investment Group LLC to create a transparent electronic trading platform for default credit swaps.
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Oxford-born Jason, 42, has a great time putting them through their paces but, let's face it, given the choice between being stuck in an office or giving a Merc and an Audi a road test, many drivers would opt for the latter.
On Sunday, with environmentalists telling us the world is coming to an end, another bunch of blokes will spend their time charging around in Ferraris and Mercs, again in Melbourne where the Formula One season starts.
YOU'VE really got to feel sorry for those hard-up drivers of expensive motors like BMWs, Mercs and 4x4s.
Mr Burl is now launching a new scheme, Mighty Mercs, aimed at seven to 13-year-olds.
figures show that the TRACKER system helped thwart thieves out of 28 BMWs - 14 of which were X5 4x4s worth a total of pounds 478,000 - and 24 Mercs.
And they've sent a terse message to the German company's bosses: We don't just want the badge, we want cheaper Mercs. The result is a sweeping series of price cuts and a major realignment of the model choice in the company's main-stream CClass range.
It will feature a selection of eight Porsche, Mercs, BMW and Audis, BMW and Yamaha motorcycles and more than 20 designer watches including Audemars Piguet, Hublot, Breitling and Rolex.
Sci-fi fans will appreciate Sackhoff as one of the mercs, and while the film sags in places, there are some gloriously cool action sequences as Riddick plans retribution...
The 2.8 turbo petrol engine is not going to be the cheapest to run, but if you can afford 22mpg and hefty insurance, you will certainly stand out from the crowd of Beemers and Mercs, while still being able to show most of them a clean pair of rear wheels.
In the hands of those wanting to get out of the sober slow lane pittance and into the fast lane profit, it could be seen as a Morris Minor taking on the Mercs and the BMWs and Ferraris.
Here they are, world coming to an end, and they're fooling about in Ferraris and Mercs.
I've had Mercs, BMWs and Rollers but this is all about practicality.