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A person, normally a broker, who has a seat on a stock exchange. This means that he/she is allowed to make trades on the floor of that exchange. Most exchanges do not allow a company to be a member, so the membership for a member firm formally belongs to an individual employee. Memberships are bought and sold at market price because most exchanges have a finite number.


An individual who owns a seat on a commodities or securities exchange. See also allied member.
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Alaska Air Mileage Plan members can save 5,000 miles off the regular 20,000-mile coach Saver award for Alaska or Horizon Air flights between San Francisco, Oakland, San Jose or Sacramento and any city in Oregon, Idaho, Colorado and Canada.
Such descriptions alone probably will not render members or the umbrella organization vicariously liable.
It is to the credit of the writer of this book that he has presented them fairly and, in the same unbiased manner, has given them the answers or explanations that are offered to them by himself or by members of Opus Dei.
If a contract is in place, you can pick up the phone and order [the product] today and have it tomorrow," says Jake Bishop, CEO of MHEC, which has 83 members and is the oldest nonprofit U.
The Audit Committee Matching System provides members with opportunities to serve on boards of directors and, as a public service, matches qualified, credentialed candidates with boards and their audit committees.
Rank or Position Nearly three-fourths of the respondents were tenured faculty members or administrators as listed in Table 2.
CalCPA Estate Planning Committee members answer your questions via a Web Forum.
Identify the top three ways IABC could attract new members.
Finally, our Ottawa and Washington liaison meetings provided members with the opportunity to raise real-world issues in a timely, constructive manner.
iDine Prime is a program designed to save money for our members who enjoy dining, out.
B4692 (Please specify region) $1,210 ARMA member or non-member

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