member firm

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Member firm

Used for listed equity securities. Brokerage firm that has at least one membership on a major stock exchange even though, by exchange rules, the membership in the name of an employee and not of the firm itself.

Member Firm

A broker-dealer firm in which at least one of the principal officers is allowed to trade on the floor of an exchange. To become a member, one needs to purchase a membership or a seat on the exchange, which can be very expensive. There are usually a set number of memberships to an exchange; for example, on the New York Stock Exchange, there are 1,366 seats, which may cost up to $1 million each, and which may be bought or sold to different firms. Most exchanges do not recognize member firms, only individual members; that is, they consider members to be the brokers or dealers on the floor, rather than the firms they represent.

member firm

A securities firm with officers or partners who are members of an organized securities exchange. National brokerage firms are generally members of a number of organized exchanges. Organized exchanges have established standards of conduct and financial conditions. See also ABC Agreement.
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While earlier the MIM had 11 members in the 81 member corporation, this time the Hyderabad based party drew a blank despite entering into an alliance with the Bahujan Samaj Party.
The organization is governed by a nine member board of directors, comprised of three individuals from each member corporation.
448(d)(4), the taxable income of each member corporation of an affiliated group consisting of a QPSC and a non-QPSC should be examined separately, and the consolidated group's taxable income should be split into two "baskets," with the taxable income of the QPSC subject to the flat 35% income tax rate under Sec.
A CO-OP is a Program-qualified, nonprofit health insurance issuer organized under state law as a private, nonprofit, member corporation.
The IPC Peter Sarmanian Corporate Recognition Award honors and recognizes an IPC member corporation in the printed circuit board industry that has made contributions to the printed circuit board industry, while demonstrating support of IPC through participation in technical and/or management programs.
While the owners and officers of the member corporations of the Mayo Group may have some exposure to liability because of their joint ownership and control of these affiliates, it does not follow that a member corporation could be substituted for any of the others," the judge said.
1502 adopting a unified rule for determining the amount of loss that may be recognized on a transfer of stock of a member corporation.
To do so, the association PAC must first obtain the permission of the member corporation to solicit its stockholders, executives, and administrators and their families.
Generally, the revenue procedure applies to a member corporation of a consolidated group that has ceased to be a member of the group and subsequently rejoined the same group (as defined under Reg.
Annually, each member corporation is required to allocate to its growers (presumably including those who are shareholders of one of the other two members) the patronage dividend received from the cooperative, along with any nonpatronage earnings distributed.
The attributable percentage equals the percentage of the LLC's assets (after payments to creditors) distributable to the member corporation under the LLC'S governing law if the LLC dissolved as of the last day of the member corporation's tax year.
Norton Sound Economic Development Corporation (NSEDC) is an Alaska Member Corporation made up of the 15 communities of the Norton Sound/Bering Strait Region of Alaska representing over 8,500 residents.

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