Medium term

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Medium term

Two-six years.
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Describing a plan, strategy, security, or anything else with a term longer than the short term but shorter than the long term. The exact length varies according to the usage; it could be a few weeks or a few years. For example, an intermediate term financial plan outlines investment and other financial goals for any time between roughly six months and one year, while an intermediate term bond has a maturity of five to 10 years.
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'`The Economic Recovery and Growth Plan (ERGP), remains the basis for the Medium Term fiscal strategy.
'Certainly, public investment would be supportive of growth in the medium term from a Gross Domestic Product perspective,' lead economist for Malaysia, Richard Record, told reporters at the East Asia and Pacific Economic Update briefing here today.
According to the medium term framework, the exchange rate is one of the most important prices and is determined by underlying economic fundamentals.
Enbridge Inc (TSX:ENB) (NYSE:ENB) and Enbridge Income Fund (the fund) revealed on Friday that holders (fund note holders) of some series of the fund's outstanding medium term notes (fund notes) representing greater than 66 2/3% of the principal amount of the same outstanding fund notes, voted in favour of the transaction to exchange the fund notes for an equal principal amount of newly issued Enbridge medium term notes, having financial terms that are the same as the fund notes (the note exchange transaction).
Fitch expects opex to grow above 3% and a marked increase in capex, particularly focused on real estate renovation, reverting to pre-crisis levels over the medium term.According to Fitch's base case scenario, the operating margin in the medium term is expected to be 20% and the balance before debt variation reverting to zero as capex grows over the medium term.Low Debt, Moderate Increase Expected (Strength / Stable)Porto reduced outstanding debt to EUR31.3 million in 2017, from EUR80.1 million in 2015, following a EUR28.7 million expropriation settlement used to redeem debt ahead of schedule in 2016.
We remain positive on Vietnam's medium term growth on strong manufacturing activity, as FDI inflows to electronics manufacturing remain strong.'
There is growing uncertainty about the return of inflation to its usual level in the medium term.
In terms of shelter, the current administration's targets have a low likelihood of being achieved in the medium term given recent developments.
Specialty pharmaceutical company Meda Aktiebolag (STO:MEDAA) announced on Wednesday that it has successfully amended the terms and conditions of two series of notes issued under its SEK7,000,000,000 medium term notes programme, as well as the insertion of an early redemption call option which it will exercise with immediate effect
RAKBANK is pleased to announce the arrangement of a three-year $10 million medium term loan facility to DFCC Bank PLC, a leading financial institution in Sri Lanka.
The Minister hoped that at the end of the medium term, the investment to GDP ratio will rise to 21 percent.

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