Medium term

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Medium term

Two-six years.


Describing a plan, strategy, security, or anything else with a term longer than the short term but shorter than the long term. The exact length varies according to the usage; it could be a few weeks or a few years. For example, an intermediate term financial plan outlines investment and other financial goals for any time between roughly six months and one year, while an intermediate term bond has a maturity of five to 10 years.
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As the global market increases, production should rise 30% in the medium term, although growers believe that if they invest in competitive technology in their orchards, that figure could hit 40% or 50%.
There has been a sharp shift in the short-term outlook for occupancy and room rate to strongly negative, although investors are confident with regard to the medium term outlook.
The soundness of general government budgets, which is to be ensured by simple, transparent budgetary policy rules likewise geared to the medium term as part of the Stability and Growth Pact.

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