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In the United States, a government program providing certain kinds of medical care to those who do not have or cannot afford health insurance. Medicaid is funded by the federal government, but administered by individual states. As a result, coverage varies state-by-state and is sometimes very limited. See also: Medicare.
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Medicaid is a federal government program run by the individual states. It's designed to provide assistance to people who can't afford skilled or custodial healthcare.

There are strict financial standards governing who qualifies for assistance, though there is significant variation from state to state in the way the program is managed.

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Changes in the reimbursement rate for the treatment of Medicaid patients have the potential to affect service provision on both the extensive and intensive margins of care.
Children constitute the largest group of Medicaid beneficiaries, accounting for 60 percent of Medicaid enrollees in Florida.
The site launched with the Medicaid Foundations Course, which according to the site is recommended for anyone who already works or is planning to work, directly or indirectly, in the Medicaid industry.
Contrary to the assertions of many conservatives, Medicaid coverage improves enrollees' access to and use of needed health care and their ability to bear the financial costs of health problems.
Before January 2014, low-income couples with some assets and one spouse who needed Medicaid health benefits had to divorce for the spouse with the health problems to qualify for Medicaid.
"Among Medicaid generic prescription drugs that experienced an increase in acquisition cost, most were drugs with an increase of less than 20%.
Most recently, Montana became the 30th state to ( expand Medicaid, despite Republican state lawmakers' opposition.AaAaAeAeAaAeAeA Ind and Alaska are the other states that expanded Medicaid in 2015.
Even the states that are currently not participating in the full Medicaid expansion are finding ways to use federal money to pay for health care, Thompson says.
The association between higher Medicaid reimbursements for office visits and increased likelihood of receiving cancer screenings may reflect barriers in access to primary care physicians and other providers for Medicaid enrollees in states with lower reimbursements.
Medicaid covers pregnant women and infants in families at or below 133 percent of the FPL.
He was on Medicaid, but no oral surgeon would take Medicaid in a timely manner.
The authors note that the income ceiling for Medicaid eligibility may discourage employment and earnings, and that Medicaid insurance coverage itself may reduce the beneficiaries' incentive to seek employment as a way to obtain health insurance.