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In the United States, a government program providing certain kinds of medical care to those who do not have or cannot afford health insurance. Medicaid is funded by the federal government, but administered by individual states. As a result, coverage varies state-by-state and is sometimes very limited. See also: Medicare.


Medicaid is a federal government program run by the individual states. It's designed to provide assistance to people who can't afford skilled or custodial healthcare.

There are strict financial standards governing who qualifies for assistance, though there is significant variation from state to state in the way the program is managed.

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As an inducement to provide rebates, Maine Rx will publicly identify manufacturers and will impose prior authorization in its Medicaid program for the drugs of manufacturers refusing to participate.
Because most publishers in the Medicaid industry don't treat the industry like a business - and we do - we are uniquely positioned to reach your customers.
Care of Medicaid patients, says the report, is becoming increasingly concentrated among the minority of doctors who provide a relatively significant amount of care to Medicaid patients.
Young women with reproductive health claims were also more likely than other Medicaid enrollees to be referred to the juvenile justice system for any criminal offense (odds ratio, 2.
All too often Medicaid expansion encourages people to drop private health insurance and get their health care at taxpayer expense.
Good News: Many States Temporarily Continued Medicaid Prescriptions for Dual Eligibles
Sonny Purdue, said, "Due to the growth in Medicaid enrollment, its skyrocketing costs and the state's downed economy, the governor asked for 5 percent cuts across-the-board from all state agencies.
A number of states were able to put off Medicaid cutbacks as a result of the $20 billion in federal relief Congress gave states last summer: However, with state revenue collections still generally in the tank, providers should anticipate further limitations on their payments from Medicaid in the days ahead.
But the real causes of burgeoning state governments are large, sprawling, lobby-infused programs, such as Medicaid and public universities, that too few lawmakers fully comprehend or are willing to take on.