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A unit measuring a person or IP address visiting a website. In general, the more hits a website generates, the higher revenue it earns from advertising and other sources.


1. To sell a security at a bid price quoted by a dealer. For example, a trader will hit a bid.
2. To lose money on a trade. For example, a dealer may take a hit on the holdings of Moore's Fried Foods' common stock.
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Evaluating Amazon's Mechanical Turk as a tool for experimental behavioral research.
Because participants did not provide identifying information on the survey and because Mechanical Turk does not reveal the identity of its workers to the requesters, this procedure ensured anonymity.
Amazon Mechanical Turk is a crowdsourcing website used to connect work requesters with a freelance workforce, and this system was used to identify healthy participants for the control group.
One highly cited example was the attempt to use Mechanical Turk to find the crash site of American entrepreneur and aviator Steve Fossett, who went missing in his plane between the Sierra Nevada Mountains and the Nevada desert.
Hays and his colleagues collected sketches of everyday objects they obtained through Amazon's crowdsourcing Mechanical Turk program.
The Mechanical Turk was an automated chess-playing machine invented in the late 18th century.
Amazon's Mechanical Turk is a tool that allows users to set up a workflow that pays workers for the competition on a task.
An online crowdsourcing marketplace, Mechanical Turk allows requesters with small tasks to pay people for their time.
One option would be to turn to one of Amazon's lesser-known services called Mechanical Turk.
Amazon's Mechanical Turk (more on the name in a moment) attempts to turn over the tasks that computers can't do to a pool of real humans.

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