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Me-Too Product

A product created by a company that is similar to a competitor's product in order to prevent that competitor from maximizing its market share. Creating me-too products is considered risky because the company may lack the knowledge or expertise necessary to create a competitive product.
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‘me-too’ product

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In developed countries as telecom operators are facing internet companies providing best in class, well established products, they should partner with them and push those services to their clients, as there is no point for end clients to choose a me-too product from telecom operators.
We entered a saturated banking market with me-too products and fewer branches.
She wasn't talking about its sudden introduction of me-too products (Google Buzz, hello?) or its insatiable appetite for new markets to conquer or its growing tendency to buy innovative technology companies instead of creating its own stuff.
As long as manufacturers continue to innovate and give people a reason to buy, and not put out me-too products, the high end will remain in demand."
He is just pointing out, as he says: "Me-too products are almost always payday-focused; the entrepreneurs who first made the market often had much less expectation of easy success, and were instead wrestling with a hard problem that they thought they could solve, or at the very least make a dent on."
"I think that mid-size SUVs will probably be doing fine for six months or so." said Pierre-Yves Quemener, head of automotive sector research at Landsbanki-Kepler."However, it's real bad timing for me-too products, particularly on the mass market side," he added.
In order to take advantage of this opportunity companies must be bold enough to step up and design new concepts that leverage from their strength rather than me-too products that accentuate weakness.
They are tired of seeing so many me-too products launched and being pressured to put them on the shelf."
The change topic is crowded with me-too products; Barker helped define the topic.
Those with problems and me-too products will have a hard time and the first real downturn in demand may be the beginning of the end for them.
Ultimately, Microsoft's pursuit of niche markets--almost invariably with commodity-like, me-too products that add little value to the category--may be a far bigger threat to innovation than the company's near-monopoly in operating systems and office suites.