maturity phase

Maturity phase

A stage of company development in which earnings to grow at the rate of the general economy. Related: Three-phase DDM.

Maturity Phase

In an industry life cycle, the period of time after an industry has grown rapidly but before it begins to decline. Different analyses posit different stages of an industry life cycle (usually four to five), but all emphasize that an industry's maturity phase reduces redundant products and processes, and is usually marked by companies in the industry acquiring one another. For example, in the video cassette recording (VCR) industry, after a period of rapid growth and technological innovation, a maturity phase occurred. The VHS technology overran the Betamax technology, and different companies selling VCRs attempted to corner a greater market share for their own (identical) versions of the product. It is also called the consolidation phase.

maturity phase

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Intersog welcomes all G2E attendees to visit its booth 4003 and find out how to start or take their iGambling development to the next maturity phase.
During this period, the user base would have transitioned from the early adopter phase to the early maturity phase, giving biometrics technology the opportunity to outstrip existing technologies such as two factor authentication (2FA).
Future growth of its palm oil segment will be supported by oil palms entering maturity phase as only 18 per cent of cultivated land of 36,413 ha is in prime age.
This video game market segment is entering the maturity phase.
From these fish, 4428 oocytes--with more than 300 oocytes from each maturity phase (I=961; II=1106; III=1046; IV=381; V=934)--were measured for their diameter with an image analysis program (Image-Pro Plus, vers.
Through the maturity phase of the product life-cycle, the OEM design and supply chain teams would benefit from collaboration with the flex manufacturers to repeat the ESI and NPI phase for subsequent generations of product conception.
For example, for the maturity phase in case of determined demand changing boundaries it is possible to apply cyclic planning (Campbell and Mabert 1991), whereas for the introduction and decline phase an individual planning is usually employed.
Some argue that Dubai is going through the maturity phase it requires to propel itself into the next phase.
C[pounds sterling]This cut represents the higher cost of equity to reflect low earnings visibility, lower profit growth in maturity phase, no cash and investment related income and lower average daily traded value forecasts.
Let's move on to the maturity phase of humans and trees.
Mainstream chemistry, and the large NA/EU commodity industry that grew from the chemistry innovations of the last century, are certainly well into the maturity phase.

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