Maturity date

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Maturity date

Usually used for bonds. Date that the bond finishes and is paid off. Date on which the principal amount of a note, draft, acceptance, bond, or other debt instrument becomes due and payable.

Maturity Date

The date on which the issuer of a debt instrument must repay the principal in total. For example, a bond with a period of 10 years has a maturity date 10 years after its issue. The maturity date also indicates the period of time during which the lender or bondholder will receive interest payments. It is important to note that, despite the existence of a maturity date, many debt securities are callable and the issuer may redeem them before the maturity date under some circumstances.

Maturity date.

A bond or other loan that must be repaid comes due on its maturity date. On that date, the full face value of the bond (and sometimes the final interest payment) must be paid in full to the bondholder.

Certificates of deposit (CDs) also have maturity dates on which you may withdraw the principal and interest without penalty or roll over the money into a new CD.

Other debt instruments, such as mortgage-backed securities, pay back their principal over the life of the debt, similar to the way a mortgage is amortized, or paid down. While these instruments also have a maturity date, that date is when the last installment payment of the loan as well as the last interest payment is due.

maturity date

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The FSA also concluded that the bond's maturity date was the remarketing date; thus, the taxpayer should amortize the bond-issuance premium under Regs.
In essence, the FSA recognized the existence of two separate debt instruments: (1) a debt with a term from the original issue date to the remarketing date and (2) a debt that may be issued with a term from the remarketing date to the stated maturity date.
The company argued that the buyer did not have the cash to pay the note on the original maturity date.
9%) is collateralized by an office property located in Piscataway, NJ, which also has a final maturity date of Oct.
Shareholders will receive the High Watermark Fund's then-current net asset value rather than the guaranteed payout when they redeem shares if the Adviser fails to satisfy certain obligations under the master agreement or the Fund's Board of Trustees determines to liquidate the Fund prior to its maturity date.
The expected `A+' rating addresses the issuer's ability to make timely payment of interest and pay principal on each bonds respective maturity date.
Failure to make a super sinker redemption is not an event of default, while failure to pay principal on any bond's maturity date will constitute an event of default.
Accordingly, EAST must re-lease all of the aircraft one or more times prior to the final maturity date to be able to repay the notes in full.
The `A+' ratings address the likelihood of timely payment of interest and ultimate payment of principal by each bond's rated maturity date.
The rating assigned to the class A1 and A2 MTNs issued by ACE Funding reflects its ability to pay interest to the class A1 and A2 MTN holders in full on each monthly interest payment date and to repay principal in full no later than the final maturity dates according to the terms and conditions of the class A1 and A2 MTNs, Standard & Poor's said.
The new debt obligation of CRIIMI MAE's financing subsidiary has a fixed interest rate of seven percent, a maturity date of Sept.
The `A+' rating address the likelihood of timely payment of interest and ultimate payment of principal by each bond's rated maturity date.