Mathematical programming

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Mathematical programming

An operations research technique that solves problems in which an optimal value is sought subject to specified constraints. Mathematical programming models include linear programming, quadratic programming, and dynamic programming.
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Mathematical Programming

The use of a computer or other program that seeks to maximize return on an investment or find the most efficient use of limited resources by simulating real life situations with mathematical models. Mathematical programming seeks to predict future events by using probabilities and other mathematical devices. There are a number of types of mathematical programming; among the most important are linear programming, decision theory, and queuing theory.
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Among specific topics are tracing embodied carbon dioxide in trade using high-resolution input-output tables, climate informatics, mathematical programming applications to land conservation and environmental quality, electricity supply without fossil fuels, statistical approaches for assessing wind resources, and spatio-temporal correlations in criminal offense records.
In recent years, the fields of machine learning and mathematical programming are increasingly intertwined (Bennett, Parrado-Hernandez 2006), in which SVMs are the typical representatives.
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The mathematical model of minimal volume design of steel structure, which implicates plastic strains and is subjected to the varying repeated load, is created based on energy principles of the mechanics of deformable body [1-3], shakedown of the structures [4-7] and mathematical programming theories [8, 9].
To accommodate these requirements, knowledge system develop - (1) In the sequel, we use the term mathematical models to refer to mathematical programming models.
A number of applications have been developed which do not rely on mathematical programming, but on the standard algorithms for dealing with networks: communications system interconnections in schools; finding the residual capacity of school bus networks; and probabilistic PERT as a project management tool.
The book contains eight chapters, which cover topics including the mathematical foundation of kernels, Vapnik-Chervonenkis--style learning theory, duality in mathematical programming, SVM formulations, implementation issues, and successful SVM applications.
It addresses new developments in the field of mathematical programming, and presents two software programs, LP Assistant (developed by co- author Keough) and the Solver add-in for Microsoft Office Excel for solving linear programming problems.
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Tong [14], Gasimov and Yenilmez [12] among others, considered single objective mathematical programming with all fuzzy parameters.

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