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In order to capitalise over the victory in the state elections, the Congress' master stroke of re-debuting Priyanka's political career is very timely.
"As for Sunderland, I believe they pulled off a master stroke by appointing Big Sam.
But even I have to admit that Auchinleck and Kilbirnie might just have pulled off a master stroke by rearranging their Premier League fixture for tomorrow.
I spent a week at Valencia as part of my pro licence and I know how proud they were of their academy and their record of producing players, so to focus on that was another master stroke by Neville.
If indeed true, it might prove a master stroke, opening the door for wife Hillary to take on the buffoon in the hustings.
This proved to be the master stroke. Real Sociedad caught Barcelona off guard by attacking from the very beginning.
The master stroke being from the usually silent Miliband, too afraid to say much so as not to lose any votes, sending his "big hitters" Brown and Prescott to prop up the "no" campaign.
It doesn't drink Tequila either, but nicknaming this species the Tequila Bat might be the master stroke that has saved it from extinction because these little animals are responsible for pollinating the Agave plants that Tequila is made from.
Mirza's master stroke: Minister has walked the talk by ordering a probe into the allegations of high-handedness from the part of a few EWA employees who had trespassed into a house to disconnect power.
The move to field Meena, considered as Raje's master stroke, has put both his elder brother and the Congress in a catch- 22 situation.
It is a master stroke to bring in budding stars on loan to cover injuries.
WHAT an absolute master stroke Coventry City Council, ACL and the Higgs Trust pulled out of the bag taking Sisu to court some months ago.