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"The addition of the MC-7000 DVD-RAM Library Series, together with our CD/DVD libraries, provides our customers with the widest possible choice of mass storage to meet any need," said Richard Young, vice president of JVC's Professional Computer Products Division.
The ARM9E processor, introduced in May, is a control and digital signal processing (DSP) core targeted at mass storage, digital cellular phones, networking, Voice over Internet Protocol telephony, internet appliances, and automotive and industrial control systems.
It employs both copper and fiber cabling to connect systems up to 10 kilometers apart, and can be used to support TCP/IP networking or IPI-3 mass storage traffic.
Research & Development Manager Mass Storage Technology Group Hewlett-Packard
Israel Schwab, president of D&H, said, "With the computer industry moving towards removable mass storage, and an expected 78 percent combined annual growth rate for video conferencing alone by 1998, Pinnacle's products are a perfect fit and will allow us to attack these growing markets."
The term "Information Highway" usually is used to mean the convergence of remarkable new technologies--including high-speed networks based on fiber-optic technology, optical-based mass storage, and commodity "multimedia" computer technology--that make it possible to more easily create, store, and disseminate data, text, images, and even entertainment.
The need for mass storage devices has never been disputed, however their importance is even more apparent, what with the growing number of multimedia authors.
A decade ago, 20-megabyte hard drives were used in mainframe computer systems as a mass storage device.
By delivering competitive cost-effective mass storage solutions, Seagate enables the Data Age digital transformations for businesses across many industries.
The company said that its products available for Windows 8 include drivers for network connectivity over USB (NCM, ECM, EEM), drivers for serial port emulation over USB (CDC ACM, DM, OBEX, etc), drivers for development support for Android systems (ADB), drivers for mass storage devices (MSC BOT, UASP) and drivers for special-purpose USB host hardware (Synopsys DesignWare OTG, xHCI).
It also operates at 1.35-volts, in support of the global trend to cut power usage in mass storage computing environments.
It provides IDE and CompactFlash mass storage options.