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LOS ANGELES -- MarketShare, the marketing analytics industry leader, has agreed to acquire MarketingNPV, one of the best-known providers of innovative measurement solutions and tools.
Exhibit 1: Global Smartwatch Operating System Shipments and Marketshare in Q2 2015 [sup.
The latest report from independent research firm MarketShare is further evidence of the immense value of OOH advertising, particularly as it relates to the retail sector," said Debbie Reichig, Senior Vice President of Business Development and Marketing at Clear Channel Outdoor.
4 million smartwatches and captured 8 percent marketshare worldwide for second position.
We are excited to provide MarketShare with information that will enable them to deliver additional insights in their business allocation models," said Graham Mudd, comScore's Vice President of Media & Search.
2 million smartphones and held on to third position with 10 percent marketshare in China in Q1 2015, rising steadily from 9 percent a year ago.
Tobias joins MarketShare from Marketing Management Analytics (MMA) where he served as Managing Director and Client Officer.
Under the agreement, Hakuhodo will work with MarketShare to analyze and meaningfully improve its service of marketing spending optimization and ROI on behalf of Hakuhodo's clients.
Microsoft's 8 percent global mobile phone marketshare is sitting near an all-time low.
The acquisition will allow MarketShare Partners to handle and analyze massive amounts of data volumes at more granular levels and at much greater speed.
This acquisition is a game-changing move for the marketplace and makes perfect sense," says Jon Vein, Co-Founder and CEO of MarketShare.
LOS ANGELES -- MarketShare Partners (MSP), the industry-leading marketing analytics firm, announced the appointment of Peter Kellis as Chief Products Officer.