marketing concept

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marketing concept

a business philosophy which aims at the generation of profits by the recognition and satisfaction of customer needs.

The marketing concept emphasizes the need for a business to adopt a CONSUMER ORIENTATION, that is to start by identifying the needs of consumers and then develop products with the attributes and characteristics to meet these needs.

The marketing concept stresses the superiority of a customer-based marketing approach over a PRODUCTION ORIENTATION which is largely concerned with persuading customers to buy what the firm has chosen to produce. See INTEGRATED MARKETING, MARKETING MIX.

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New Delhi [India], Feb 26 ( ANI ): The Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) has launched its new marketing concept 'Open to the New Shades of Amazing Thailand' in India.
Perhaps due to their limited understanding of the marketing concept, many librarians have seen it in a negative light.
The section first considers marketing concept literature, which is the conceptual foundation of market orientation.
"A German media company has created a unique, shopping-related direct marketing concept for supermarkets.
A marketing concept launched by Eastman Chemical (Kingsport, Tenn.) uses the company's Glass Polymer specialty copolyester to deliver encapsulated fragrances in packaging for the cosmetics and personal-care markets.
Laurentide, Inc., developer of Paint Cafe, has granted PPG Industries the right to use the Paint Cafe marketing concept in the U.S.
It is the only chance a business has to capture the value it produces outside of itself, which is the marketing concept championed by Peter Drucker.
He successfully promoted this club marketing concept at Twilo during the 1999 New York Spring Fashion Collection, and went on to become the first Japanese producer of regular nights at the Manhattan club.
Long Stay, a new marketing concept unveiled at the XXII Tourism Convention in Varadero, is aimed at encouraging older Canadian tourists to extend their vacations in Cuba.
An Interactive CRM Game." ( An advergame, says Roundarch, is a viral marketing concept grounded in the belief that if a company can bring its brand promise to life in the form of entertainment, it will be able to be noticed above the noise in the market and speak in a playful way to its target audience.

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