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[H.sub.2]: Net Cash Flow (NCF) is superior to Economic Value Added (EVA) in explaining the change in Market Value Added (MVA).
* Create a financial strategy map focusing on return on equity with cost-of-capital consideration as evidenced by equity spread that will lead to market value added or price-book value ratio enhancement, and implement DuPont Analysis to be cascaded down to every business unit.
Here, [MVA.sub.i] is the Market Value Added for the ith firm and is taken as the dependent variable.
where MVA is market value added, MV is company's total market value, IC is invested capital, SMVA is standard market value added, and [MVE.sub.t-1] is market value of equity ([MVE.sub.t-1]) at the beginning of the firm's financial year.
It focuses mainly on the operating performance of the company combines income statement and balance sheet data to determine the excess returns available to all shareholders.Economic Value Added and Market Value Added also has emerged as most popular and efficient tools to measure the performance of a company.
In order to determine the relationship between the components of productivity growth and market value added, the panel data for 1992-93 to 2002-03 have been used.
It has created the highest market value added during 2003-4 and 2005-6.
(2)Successful challengers moved into top quartile of their industries as reckoned by market value added and return on invested capital during the period 1982-99; unsuccessful challengers remained outside top quartile during that period.
An abrupt devaluation of the national currency would be especially bad news for foreign companies that market value added food products in Argentina.
Moreover, its Market Value Added (MVA), calculated as the market value of all stock outstanding less its book value, increased by a factor of ten.
The concepts of Economic Value Added (EVA) and Market Value Added (MVA) are schemes devised to build future stock gains into companies' internal hurdle rates.