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An investor who makes many trades throughout a trading day, buying and selling securities in order to profit from short-term changes in prices. For example, a trader may buy Stock A at $15 per share because he/she believes it will be $18 a few minutes, or hours, later. Traders engage in high risk activities because there is no guarantee that the price will move in the desired direction. However, traders provide a great deal of liquidity to the market. See also: Registered Competitive Trader.


A person who buys and sells securities with the goal of profiting from short-term price swings.


Traders who are dealers or market makers select the securities in which they will specialize and provide quotes on those securities in the marketplace.

They commit their firm's capital by taking positions in those securities and are ready to buy and sell at the prices they quote.

Traders known as competitive or floor traders buy and sell securities for their own accounts. They don't pay commissions, so they can profit on small differences in price, but they must abide by the rules established by the exchange or market on which they trade.

The term trader also describes people who execute transactions at brokerage firms, asset management firms, and mutual fund companies.

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The market traders who are out in all weathers on a Wednesday and Saturday were upset by the article as we have been trying for years to get some form of free parking for the regular customers, as well as any visitors to this more than 700-year-old market, only to be told by the council that it is a no-go.
Black market traders expected that US exchange rate might reach 20 SDG within two weeks.
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SHOPPERS SAY TOWN HAS BEEN ALLOWED TO DECLINE FOR TOO LONG SHOPPERS and market traders in Pontypridd has welcomed the proposed regeneration but said the town had been allowed to decline for too long.
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As the recession hits, market traders are trying to fight through the tough economic climate.
A longtime regular market trader said: 'We know nothing about any building work.
Fellow market trader Dave Webb said Carmarthen was at risk from the same thinking that had ruined the market in Bridgend and threatened others.
Councillor Mike Smith with market trader George Hawxwell
Having been both a market trader selling her own organic bread, and a market manager, Kathryn is well placed to represent all the stakeholders involved in organising a successful market.