market research

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Market research

A technical analysis of factors such as volume, price trends, and market breadth that are used to predict price movement.
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Market Research

Research into consumer or client needs or desires so a company can make or customize products to fit them. For example, market research may involve conducting surveys of target clients (say, a particular demographic) to identify what they most would like to see in the industry in which the company is involved. Market research is important for most companies but especially for companies with a high client turnover.
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market research

an aspect of MARKETING RESEARCH which is concerned with the collection and analysis of information about a particular market.
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'That is something that, hopefully, the issues paper can bore some inputs on so that it can take us to an appropriate course of action, whether to conduct a full-blown market study preparatory to a preliminary investigation.
The 2010 Health Market Study, conducted by ASJ's publishing division in partnership with the National Association of Health Underwriters (NAHU), shows a variety of experience.
After this market study (acquisition and processing of data provided by users) was made we obtained the following results:
The Telecommunications Regulatory Authority (TRA) has disregarded a market study that argued for the case of a third telecom operators due to the changes in market conditions, reported Maktoob Business on Sunday.
Faris al Farsi, Acting Director-General, Export Development, OCIPED who is visiting Libya, said this initiative follows the successful completion of OCIPED's market study in Libya for 32 Omani products.
Following proposed changes to the model by which UK pharmaceuticals companies distribute their medicines, the OFT has launched a short market study into the distribution of medicines in the UK.
This market study examines the global filler market, which is estimated at EUR 4 billion in Europe and North America alone.
Mastiogale's 2005 polyethylene film market study forecasts North American consumption of PE food-packaging films this year at 2.93 billion lb, representing 17% of total PE film resin usage.
Roberto Verino decided to come to Mexico after an in-depth market study. "The conclusion was that the Latin American market, where there are similarities in terms of culture and lifestyle, was an interesting choice for expansion.
The worldwide gas flowmeter market equaled $680 million in 2003, according to a new market study from Flow Research, Wakefield, Mass.
The parties have agreed to collectively assess the statewide composition of residential solid waste based on available information and to characterize and quantify the residential solid waste composition that would be amenable to source separation and curbside collection; to collectively prepare a market study using commercial information pertinent to Delaware to determine the historical, short-term and long-term trends for the sale and use of curbside source-separated materials; and to conduct a comprehensive review of mandatory curbside recycling programs adopted and operating throughout the U.S.
USB also recently commissioned an independent market study to determine potential demand for SoyOyl.