market research

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Market research

A technical analysis of factors such as volume, price trends, and market breadth that are used to predict price movement.

Market Research

Research into consumer or client needs or desires so a company can make or customize products to fit them. For example, market research may involve conducting surveys of target clients (say, a particular demographic) to identify what they most would like to see in the industry in which the company is involved. Market research is important for most companies but especially for companies with a high client turnover.

market research

an aspect of MARKETING RESEARCH which is concerned with the collection and analysis of information about a particular market.
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The Connecticut Housing Finance Authority ( CHFA ) is seeking Request for Qualifications ( RFQ ) to update and potentially expand its list of approved (pre- qualified) appraisers and market study analysts maintained in accordance with the Procedures of CHFA, as such may be amended from time to time (the Procedures ).
For more information about Doane's quarterly Animal Health Market Study, contact Dave Tugend at 216/491-9515, ext.
The expanded market study identified and surveyed seven current end user markets including tire-derived fuel (TDF), civil engineering, ground rubber applications, stamped products, agricultural, export and pyrolysis.
The new members-only market study, "SDR Market Size Study Report," replaces the previous market studies from 2007, which are now publicly available.
The 94-page market study includes analysis on multiple types of Small Cells, and also for small base stations (often called microcells or picocells) which utilize a traditional RAN architecture.
North American Retail Self-Checkout Systems Market Study.
The Town of Willington, Connecticut ( Town or Willington ) is seeking the services of a consultant or consulting firm qualified to undertake a Market Study of the business zones within Willington s borders.
Labeling Markets South American Market Study & Sourcebook 2012 is the third assessment of the status of the South American label market, materials, and technologies with particular emphasis on the changing market structure and trends within this rapidly developing business area.
amp; OTTAWA -- Consumers want an easy, seamless way to integrate their smart home devices, according to the landmark State of Connected Home Market Study conducted by CABA's Internet Home Alliance Research Council.
Tenders are invited for Market Study for the Texas A&M University School of Law.