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The slowdown experienced in the first 6 months of 2000 in most casting market sectors is expected to continue into '01.
foundries despite high demand in some market sectors.
And within these various market sectors, the scope of our projects varies dramatically.
Since the various market sectors will be strongest in differing conditions, a diversified portfolio will almost always include thriving product.
Expert analysts thoroughly examine the following market sectors in this research:
Stratecasts' ongoing interviews with casting users and econometric experts who have been analyzing the first quarter of 1999 indicate that many market sectors continue to strengthen while others are slowing.
Based on solid growth forecasts in some key market sectors, supply shortages in specific casting weight ranges can be expected during 1998 and 1999.
Stratecasts continues to forecast a 7-8% decline in most casting market sectors for the remainder of year, followed by a 2.
Extensive interviews with key personnel in many major casting market sectors has reinforced our earlier forecast for a continuing strong demand for metal castings through the first three quarters of 1995.
Expert Frost & Sullivan analysts thoroughly examine the following market sectors in this analysis:
With the exception of the Integrated Logistic Systems (ILS) segment that is likely to decline in size due to the tie-up of various contracts with the forthcoming Future Logistics Information System (FLIS) program, the defence logistics market is anticipated to exhibit growth across all market sectors.
RNAi Markets provides revenue forecasts for individual market sectors as well as overall market, detailed market trends with specific applications forecasts, and market-wide challenge with corresponding strategic recommendations.