Market opening

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Market opening

The start of formal trading on an exchange.


1. The beginning of a trading session on an exchange.

2. The first price of a security at the beginning of a trading day. In this sense, the opening is also called the opening price.
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All 27 EU countries were required to transpose most of the provisions in the EU's third power and gas market opening directives, adopted in 2009, by March 3, 2011 and to inform the EC of them.
With the market opening, aircraft repair and maintenance firms under the auspices of China Airlines, Eva Airways, and Air Asia are expected to kick off their operations in China in the first half of 2011, so as to tap a market with annual capacity of US$15 billion.
Commenting on the full liberalisation of the market in 2005, Mr O'Connell said: "2003 saw considerable investment in new systems and procedures by Bord Gais, ahead of full market opening in 2005.
"At Eaton," he continues, "we announce at the market opening. That's been our policy all along.
They have also indicated that the insistence on tit-for-tat market opening is part of a broader shift in U.S.
Summary: HSBC Holdings, the biggest underwriter of bond sales in Saudi Arabia last year, sees the country's equity market opening to foreigners as early as next year amid rising demand for assets in the largest Arab economy.
The European Commission Monday gave final warnings to eight EU countries, including Bulgaria, for failing to inform it of their measures to implement the EU's third power and gas market opening directives.
A European Commission official, on his return from Moldova after taking part in the negotiation of the aviation agreement with this country, sealed on 26 October (see Europolitics 4294), told Europolitics about its market opening advances.