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1. The additional price one pays when one buys a security from a broker-dealer. That is, when one buys a security, one pays the broker-dealer an extra percentage or a flat fee as commission. This markup forms the bulk of the broker-dealer's income.

2. See: Spread.

3. The extra amount a retailer charges a customer for a good over and above what it paid the wholesaler. For example, if one pays Wal-Mart $20 for a toaster, and Wal-Mart bought it from the manufacturer for $15, the markup is $5.
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the PROFIT MARGIN on a good or service which can be expressed as a percentage of the cost of the product or a percentage of its selling price. See PRICING METHODS, COST-BASED PRICING.
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This difference, referred to in the study as the "mark-up," was calculated by simulating a perfectly competitive market for each hour of the period using dedicated state-of-the-art computer software that is commonly used by operators to choose the most cost-effective production assets in their own portfolio.
Such foreign assistance charges must be tracked separately because, depending on the results of the taxpayer's comparability studies, the taxpayer may be required to mark-up the costs when they are charged out of the United States.
Wetherspoons said: "Local mark-ups depend on rent and rates.
In June, during a visit to the Czech Republic, President Megawati Sukarnoputri noted that mark-ups in defence equipment purchases were ``rampant'' in the past.
Under terms of the deal, LexisNexis subscribers will have access to a range of CQI information products, including: CQ Weekly, covering Congress; CQ Daily Monitor, a daily tip sheet on Congressional scheduling, news and analysis; CQ House Action Reports, covering activity on the House floor; Bill Watch, covering legislation; Committee Votes, covering committee and subcommittee legislative mark-ups; and, Member Profiles, carrying data on all members of Congress.
Karlsson's philosophy is not to gouge the customers for as much as the traffic will bear, but to use minimal mark-ups (generally HK$100/US$13) to encourage more people to stay.
"The line illustrates the excessive mark-ups at other stores.
The company had been successful because of its ability to do high volume on merchandise with very low mark-ups. When the real estate market crashed, the business' thin profit margins did not permit 47th Street Photo to support losses from these investments.
And hoteliers - angry at some of the enormous mark-ups - have threatened to pull out of the deals altogether.
The biggest mark-ups were on items such as crisps, shortbread and muffins.
They said the other websites provide "no useful service" and added "hidden fees and mark-ups".