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Mark. It is built entirely of precious marbles, brought from the Orient-- nothing in its composition is domestic.
Mark's is monumental; it is an imperishable remembrancer of the profound and simply piety of the Middle Ages.
As Uncle Mark says, `It's impossible, and what's more it's improbable.'
``Sith it be no better,'' said Locksley, ``I am content to try my fortune; on condition that when I have shot two shafts at yonder mark of Hubert's, he shall be bound to shoot one at that which I shall propose.''
Robin, thou red-headed lurden, how oft must I tell thee not to shoot straight with a quarter-wind blowing across the mark?"
The Mark Boat signals we must attend to the derelict, now whistling her death-song, as she falls beneath us in long sick zigzags.
But I’ll change the stone, for Billy Kirby hasn’t the eye for such a mark, I know.”
Is it because, when the minister wrote his name in the book, the Black Man set his mark in that place?
The most distinctive mark of substance appears to be that, while remaining numerically one and the same, it is capable of admitting contrary qualities.
Only once before had he fought to the death, but that once had taught him the love of it, and ever after until his death it marked his manner of fighting; so that men who loathed and hated and feared him were as one with those who loved him in acknowledging that never before had God joined in the human frame absolute supremacy with the sword and such utter fearlessness.
The months passed (more than I had bargained for), and no occasion presented itself for disturbing that mark in the book.
"You've got a friend here?" said Haley, looking doubtfully at Marks; "partner, perhaps?"