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The primary aim of this paper is to evaluate Wicksteed's role in the propagation of Jevonian marginalism into the second generation against the backdrop of Wicksteed's explicit identification with the economics of Jevons and his avowed aim to explain and extend the Jevonian framework.
In regard to the early neoclassical period, marginalism is considered in the context of: English political economy, in Peter Groenewegen's chapter on Jevons, Marshall and Pigou; Austrian political economy, in Steven Horwitz's chapter on Menger, Bohm-Bawerk and Wieser; and general equilibrium economics, in Donald Walker's chapter on Walras, Pareto and Cassel.
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Shekhovtsov and Andreas Umland, "Ultraright Party Politics in Post-Soviet Ukraine and the Puzzle of the Electoral Marginalism of Ukrainian Ultranationalists in 1994-2009," Russian Politics and Law 51(5) (September/October 2013): 33-58, A.
It is interesting to note that in a first wave of interpretation, Menger was overwhelmingly seen as one of the fathers of neoclassical economics and marginalism, and until the 1930s he was gradually incorporated into the neoclassical mainstream.
Then, in the late 19th-century, Jevons, Marshall, Menger, Clark and Walras spearheaded marginalism "against Marxist assaults and socialist tendencies" and proclaimed an allegedly "'scientific' and valuefree" understanding of economic life that "de-emphasized the production side" and "eliminated the element of social interaction" within fictional models of "equilibrium" that were worthy of "Robinson Crusoe" (5).
The disciplinary division between Parsons' structural-functionalism and Robbins' marginalism survived with little challenge until the 1970s, but subsequently broke down, without any new consensus forming.
rules of thumb: marginalism, optimizing, and the availability of
MacGregor, Lee reaches the conclusion that, while making some significant contributions to Marshallian industrial economics, he in the end effectively abandoned it and 'let it be replaced by the equilibrium firm and marginalism' (p.
For any student of marginalism, social choice theory appears as an intellectual aberration.
discrete-activity fixed-coefficient model of heterogeneous physical capital goods, the factor price (wage and interest rate) can still be given various long-run marginalism (i.e., partial derivative) interpretations" (Ibid., 322).
However, neither absolutism nor marginalism is inevitable.