marginal analysis

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optimal fence height using marginal analysis; and (2) see if the
Table 2: Partial and marginal analysis as affected by N rates and time of application on maize in 2013 and 2014 cropping seasons.
Ethics and economics: does programme budgeting and marginal analysis contribute to fair priority setting?
As real differences were found in herbage yield of teosinte among different treatments, therefore, marginal analysis was performed among un-dominated treatments (Table 9).
Carter, Robert 2000 Program budgeting & marginal analysis for QUIT Victoria, Centre for Health Program Evaluation, Melbourne (unpublished).
MARGINAL ANALYSIS OF COST AND EFFECTIVENESS FOR LBR AND FO Marginal Analysis LBR FO Difference Program Cost ($M) $180 $220 $40 P(H) P(K) 5 4 -1 Top attack 6 7 +1 Weight 9 5 -4 Time to engage 8 7 -1 Time of flight 7 5 -2 Redirect capability 10 10 0 Required training 5 1 -4 Exposure after launch 2 8 +6 Ease of procurement 8 6 -2 TABLE 4.
Early uses of revenue management were based on marginal analysis. Initial applications involved cases of perishable service capacity in a business where most costs were fixed, at least in the short term.
Marginal Analysis in the Context of Securities Regulation
Marginal analysis of different weed control treatments in three fine rice cultivars
(2) Interestingly, early marginal analysis was being developed in France by Cournot and Dupuit at the time Bastiat was writing; see Ekelund and Hebert, 1999.
Marginal analysis is one of such techniques which can assist research workers in decision making.
In the literature on defense planning (Davis, Gompert, Kugler, 1996; Davis, 2002; Hillestad, Davis, 1998; Dreyer, Davis, 2005) are also presented the key aspects of a portfolio-management framework, that responds to military FAR restrictions: the routine to use portfolio management tools; it responds to assessment of critical-component capabilities, costs, and benefit-cost ratios (near, mid, long term, anticipation of strategic adaptations); portfolio adjustment fill gaps, balance risks and opportunities, prioritize by packages, and conduct marginal or chunky marginal analysis; it offers more levels of zoom where needed in a clear assessment; it offers parametric capability models for comprehensive analysis; it permits the development of families of models, games, experiments.