marginal analysis

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Ethics and economics: does programme budgeting and marginal analysis contribute to fair priority setting?
As real differences were found in herbage yield of teosinte among different treatments, therefore, marginal analysis was performed among un-dominated treatments (Table 9).
Carter, Robert 2000 Program budgeting & marginal analysis for QUIT Victoria, Centre for Health Program Evaluation, Melbourne (unpublished).
MARGINAL ANALYSIS OF COST AND EFFECTIVENESS FOR LBR AND FO Marginal Analysis LBR FO Difference Program Cost ($M) $180 $220 $40 P(H) P(K) 5 4 -1 Top attack 6 7 +1 Weight 9 5 -4 Time to engage 8 7 -1 Time of flight 7 5 -2 Redirect capability 10 10 0 Required training 5 1 -4 Exposure after launch 2 8 +6 Ease of procurement 8 6 -2 TABLE 4.
Early uses of revenue management were based on marginal analysis.
Marginal Analysis in the Context of Securities Regulation
Marginal analysis of different weed control treatments in three fine rice cultivars
2) Interestingly, early marginal analysis was being developed in France by Cournot and Dupuit at the time Bastiat was writing; see Ekelund and Hebert, 1999.
Key words: Economic analysis, marginal analysis, marginal rate of return.
In the cost benefit analysis (CBA) the most important issues are the following: a mechanism for exploring the consequences of different perspectives about the relative importance of different missions and constraints and the relative probabilities of various risks; there is a need for marginal analysis (where to spend/ cut) and a more chunky type of analysis that uses larger increments of spending/ cuts; the use of cost-benefit strategic comparisons on large composite options.
The methodology permits aggregate average emission estimates as well as marginal analysis of incremental changes in consumption by fuel type.
Economic theory and how it influenced their decisions involving their operations strategy will also be explored, focusing on the areas of business environment, economic profit, marginal analysis, consumer behavior and oligopoly strategies.