margin department

Margin department

The department in a brokerage firm that monitors customers' margin accounts, ensuring that all short sales, stock purchases, and other positions are covered by the margin account balance.

Margin Department

The department in a brokerage firm that deals with margin accounts. It monitors margin accounts opened by clients and ensures that they meet the minimum maintenance required by law and the brokerage itself. Additionally, the department makes margin calls and generally ensures smooth management of the margin accounts by the brokerage. It is also called the credit department.

margin department

The section of a brokerage firm's back office operation that is responsible for overseeing customer credit accounts. The margin department ensures that investors meet the margin standards determined by the Federal Reserve, the various exchanges, and the brokerage firm itself. Also called credit department.
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He previously worked in the Margin department at Wachovia Securities.
Intraday Margin System enables the margin department to stay focused on customer compliance within margin regulations instead of manually calculating accounts.
His past roles include overseeing a customer service team and managing a margin department.
Specifically, the Company will curtail distribution through certain specialty store chains and Latin American sales channels, while increasing the focus on its higher margin department store customers, as well as selected licensees.
The highest margin departments in the store are heavily reliant upon impulse purchase, so "food marketing" is incredibly critical to the success of the retailer.
Previously, he served as executive vice president and manager of the Fixed Income Department at Waterhouse Securities in Beverly Hills, where he managed new accounts and fixed income trading as well as the IRA and margin departments.
During the quarter, we also experienced sales increases in Easter merchandise and higher margin departments such as custom framing and floral services.
Continued emphasis on increasing sales in higher margin departments and reducing sales in lower margin departments, opportunistic purchasing at favorable prices of closeout merchandise and manufacturers' overruns, and strong consumer acceptance of the Family Dollar brand label merchandise program positively impacted the gross profit margin.
Adjustments continued to be made to the merchandise mix to emphasize sales in higher margin departments, particularly apparel and other softline categories.
Gross profit margins continued to be favorably impacted by adjustments to the merchandise mix to emphasize sales in higher margin departments such as apparel.
The gross profit margin has been favorably impacted by adjustments to the merchandise mix to emphasize sales in higher margin departments, opportunistic purchases of merchandise from suppliers at closeout prices and expansion of multi- zone pricing in which different prices are used in selected locations based on competition and other market factors.
Our comparable store sales have remained strong, while our gross margins continue to improve through effective purchasing and expansion of higher margin departments.