margin trading

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Margin trading

Buying securities, in part, with borrowed money.

Margin Trading

Trading securities that an investor has bought with money borrowed from a broker for that purpose. An investor who trades on margin can realize huge gains if the price of the security moves in a favorable direction; however, he/she also takes on a great deal of risk because it may not move in such a direction. See also: minimum maintenance, margin call.

margin trading

The buying and selling of securities in an account in which money is owed to the brokerage firm.
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2) Media business: Social game business, operation of PC and mobile media, foreign exchange margin transaction business, EC business, etc.
2) Media business: Operation of PC and mobile media, online game business, social game business, foreign exchange margin transaction business, EC business, etc.
and financial operations such as foreign exchange margin transaction business operated by CyberAgent FX.
Gross profit margin rose slightly due to an increase in higher margin transaction processing revenue resulting primarily from the launch of the Georgia Department of Community Health and Kroger Corporation contracts in January 2007.
Higher EBITDA primarily reflects the significant increase in revenue and an increase in higher margin transaction processing revenue, partially offset by an increase in project costs and the increase in SG&A expenses.
EBITDA rose largely due to the Company's 64% increase in revenue, its 59% increase in high margin transaction processing revenue and operating efficiencies realized in product development due to the amalgamation of two product lines.
In addition, for various reasons such as the impact of the period of peak advertising demand, the end of the first half, on earnings and the substantial effect of economic and market conditions, including market trends and liquidity, on earnings from the foreign exchange margin transaction business, projections for the first half have not been released but will be quickly provided at the end of the first quarter.
Consolidated assets at the end of this third quarter rose 9,691 million yen from the end of the previous fiscal year to 58,854 million yen because of an increase in deposits received accompanying healthy growth in assets deposited as collateral for foreign exchange margin transactions although there was a decline in cash and deposits due to share buybacks and the payment of taxes.
The completion of a net interest margin transaction, which increased
Additionally, the debt restructuring will allow Delta to execute a net interest margin transaction (NIM) using the remaining unencumbered interest only assets.
NYSE: FP) today announced it priced its first net interest margin transaction.
FSA to restrict leverage of forex margin transactions