manufacturing resource planning

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manufacturing resource planning (MRP II)

a computer-based PRODUCTION planning system which integrates all the resource requirements of a firm, including not only the control of raw materials and components (the central concern of MATERIALS REQUIREMENTS PLANNINGMRP) but also labour, machines and other resource needs. See PRODUCTION MANAGEMENT.
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For computerization of manufacturing engineering different computerized systems are used for process planning, material and manufacturing resources planning, and other functions [1, 4-7].
We must specify from the beginning that some experts consider Material Resource Planning, Manufacturing Resources Planning and Enterprise Resources Planning simple software applications for production process automation.
Rasul adds that the company is now in the process of selecting a manufacturing resources planning software vendor for its new $350 million North American plant, which begins construction in 2001.
It all started with manufacturing resources planning, which aimed to change the manufacturing process.
There are at least five levels of sophistication in CIM: parts counting, which watches machine cycle efficiency; process monitoring, which collects machine operating data for preventive maintenance; statistical process-control (SPC) analysis, which crunches key variables into X-bar and R charts; auxiliary-equipment monitoring, which refines machine data and raises efficiency; and integration of shop-floor data with office business systems, such as materials requirements planning (MRP) or manufacturing resources planning (MRP-II) software.
In his remarks, Coughlan compared services automation to manufacturing resources planning (MRP) software for manufacturing companies.
Design data, for example, can be used in a manufacturing resources planning (MRP II) system without the need for custom software to link the two.
Bayside Automation, a leading supplier of automation systems and product/process consulting services, today announced that it implemented Deltek's Costpoint Manufacturing Resources Planning (MRP) system to address contract manufacturing and repetitive process business.
Enlistment of TradeCard's services will be an important step ahead towards a fully automated and totally web-based trade cycle, a significant enhancement of Tradeeasy's one-stop shop i-trade services on marketing, customer relations management, manufacturing resources planning (MRP), payment and order fulfillment.
Cited in World Class Production & Inventory Management for his innovation in developing sales and operations planning processes and Manufacturing Resources Planning (MPRII) systems implementation leadership, Wohlwender brings to the document management company 15-years experience in improving operational efficiency.
To compete in the global economy, successful high-technology companies are connecting engineering design functions with on-line corporate parts databases, providing design data management tools to geographically dispersed organizations, and integrating product development teams with corporate Product Data Management (PDM), Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and Manufacturing Resources Planning (MRP) systems.
He will directly undertake the management of information services for manufacturing resources planning at MPI.

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