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Lead Time

In supply chain management, the amount of time between a supplier receiving an order and its delivery to the distributor or customer. This is important for both custom-made products and mass production, and suppliers are expected to know the lead times for their different products. It is particularly important for just-in-time supply chains, in which each step in the supply chain is expected to know precise lead time. It is also called turnaround time.
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lead time

the time between placing an order or reorder and the goods being received into stores. STOCK CONTROL systems take the lead time into account when deciding upon reorder levels, placing orders whilst there is sufficient safety stock or BUFFER STOCK to meet production requirements during the lead time. Lead time to manufacture is the time calculated to manufacture a component or final product.
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For example, the manufacturing cycle time to produce a widget is 13 weeks.
The solution can help shorten manufacturing cycle times and increase machine throughput--helping users shorten overall time-to-market and time-to-volume.
"A reduction in idle time translates into a reduction in manufacturing cycle times," says general manager Carl Klebe.
* Reduced manufacturing cycle times mean orders can be delivered in two-thirds the time of conventional products
Among the different TIM options, thermal greases typically offer the best thermal performance and reduced manufacturing cycle times though, depending on the application method, assembly can be messy.
"Our objective is to meet those dates, and to meet the objective we are reducing manufacturing cycle times."
That investment has helped this growing job shop cut manufacturing cycle times, standardize turret loads, improve flexibility, and reduce both finishing and rework requirements.
Average manufacturing cycle times reduced from 35 days to 14-1/2 days.
Whereas manufacturing cycle times in the new-unit business are measured in years, cycle times measured in hours or days are required in the replacement-parts business.
* Support a lean business strategy with an emphasis on just- in-time, elimination of was and rapid manufacturing cycle times.

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