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The analogy with a guardian would also suggest that a mandatory could recoup its investment in the mandated territory. (174) It also supplies a point of termination for a successful mandate: sovereignty would revert to the inhabitants of the mandated territory when they achieved the capacity to exercise it.
Part One concerns the origins of the Zionist-Palestinian conflict for statehood in the British Mandated territory. The second part focuses on the actual struggle for Palestine, the 1948 civil war, and the "departure" of thousands of Muslim and Christian Palestinian Arabs from the area.
should not be accepted for enlistment within or without the boundaries of the mandated territories--for service in any military corps or body of constabulary which is not permanently quartered in the mandated territory and used solely for its defence or for the preservation of order within it." The Foreign Office, however, wished to keep this option open, especially in West Africa, where British rule was more tenuous, and conscripts from the British Cameroons mandate might prove useful.
Between 1913 and 1939 AWA had established three networks in Fiji, the Territory of Papua and the Mandated Territory of New Guinea.
Britain was obligated to perform its trust obligations under any League of Nations mandate in a responsible fashion, so as not to violate its strict common law fiduciary duties as "trustee." The "property" in this case is the concept of "national sovereignty" of the local inhabitants of the mandated territory, whose sovereignty rights were to be temporarily "managed" by the mandatory "trustee" until full independence would be achieved.