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A medium-level participant established according to final take.
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Investment Manager

A person or, more often, a bank or business who controls an investment portfolio on behalf of a client. Investment managers make investment decisions on behalf of the client in accordance to the parameters set by the client. The goal is to make the most profit for the client as possible. Some investment managers have more autonomy than others, depending upon the client's needs and desires. Institutional investment managers normally hire a team to work on the different accounts it has under management. Unlike brokers, investment managers are not paid on commission, but rather by a percentage of the total amount of money under management. This gives the investment manager an incentive to work for the client's profit, as the more money the manager accumulates, the more he/she/it makes. An investment manager is also known as a money manager or portfolio manager. See also: Advisory account, Discretionary account, Markowitz Portfolio Theory.
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'You need be able to,' said the manager, 'if you go on board ship; but you won't.'
'Because there's not a skipper or mate that would think you worth your salt, when he could get a practised hand,' replied the manager;
'Does no other profession occur to you, which a young man of your figure and address could take up easily, and see the world to advantage in?' asked the manager.
'We'll have a new show-piece out directly,' said the manager. 'Let me see--peculiar resources of this establishment--new and splendid scenery--you must manage to introduce a real pump and two washing- tubs.'
'Yes,' replied the manager. 'I bought 'em cheap, at a sale the other day, and they'll come in admirably.
Then it can't be helped,' said the manager. 'If you had been, we might have had a large woodcut of the last scene for the posters, showing the whole depth of the stage, with the pump and tubs in the middle; but, however, if you're not, it can't be helped.'
Zahid Ali Sandhu as Assistant Manager (Operations) Faizpur Sub-Division, Shabbir Ahmed as Assistant Manager TLC (GSC Circle), Nadeem Akhtar as Assistant Manager (Operations) Ali Raza Abad Sub-Division, Shujaat Ali as Assistant Manager (Operations) Bhati Gate Sub-Division Lahore, Syed Uzair Hussain as AET (GSO) Qurtaba LESCO Lahore and Mehmood Ali as Assistant Manager (Customer Services) Shah Kot Division Circle.
But not every team has a great manager. That's why managers account for at least 70% of the variance in employee engagement scores across business units.
Hobas Pipe USA gathered its regional and area managers from across the United States at its Houston, TX, manufacturing facility for a three-day sales training seminar and golf outing and to celebrate its 25-year anniversary in the United States.
It is the general opinion of the area managers we surveyed that an underperforming manager generates between ten and 15 percent more costs than a good manager, and that this increased expenditure is incurred by a combination of issues that amount to lack of business expertise.
The bank also announced the promotion of Al Amin Al Taher as human resources assistant manager, Aqeel Abdulla Yousif as financial control assistant manager, Hameeda Abdulrahim as operations and finance assistant manager, Shadi Ibrahim Al Oksh as information technology assistant manager, Khalid Mohamed Mattar as operations back office assistant manager, Khalifa Ahmed Al Shakar as information technology assistant manager, Noor Almubeen as credit assistant manager and Abdulaziz Al Bulooshi as commercial Branch assistant manager.
When faced with high-profile program manager openings, organizations often promote individuals from within the project manager ranks, for very good reasons: They are familiar with the organization and have outstanding technical project management skills.

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