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Management buyout (MBO)

Leveraged buyout whereby the acquiring group is led by the firm's management.

Management Buyout

The act of the senior management of a publicly-traded company buying all of the company's shares outstanding. A management buyout gives the management complete control of the company and allows it to operate without recourse to shareholders. A management buyout is usually heavily leveraged and is a form of going private.

management buyout

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None the less, management buyouts executed at a time when markets are depressed have a greater chance of selling into more buoyant markets - assuming they've achieved operational and strategic improvements during the buyout period - at a larger multiple of annual profits.
In the West Midlands there have been three management buyouts completed so far in the second quarter of 2013, following a period of no buyout activity during the first quarter of the year.
8 billion of assets and focus on supporting management buyouts in Britain, technology investments in Asia, mid-market private equity and mezzanine deals in the US, and management buyouts and providing capital for growing businesses in Africa.
Pokka said its management buyout partner Advantage Holdings Inc.
The Wigan-based operator is 65pc owned by Bridgepoint Capital following an pounds 83m management buyout five years ago.
Pub group Yates's is in talks with a private equity group that could lead to a management buyout.
For success in what one COO of a management buyout firm dubs the "manager's decade," he details three issues that are central: what skills the executive needs, what preparations need to he made and how to manage the exit.

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