management buyout

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Management buyout (MBO)

Leveraged buyout whereby the acquiring group is led by the firm's management.

Management Buyout

The act of the senior management of a publicly-traded company buying all of the company's shares outstanding. A management buyout gives the management complete control of the company and allows it to operate without recourse to shareholders. A management buyout is usually heavily leveraged and is a form of going private.

management buyout

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Two management buy outs took place at Alnmaritec of Alnwick and the Elektrak Group.
Increasing confidence and a desire to secure a foothold in the UK and Europe is likely to result in an increase in acquisitions by overseas companies - particularly as management buy outs exit.
They have advised on a number of Management Buy Outs (MBO's) and Management Buy In's (MBI's) ensuring that all arrangements are properly structured and tax efficient.
WE'VE had management buy outs and worker walkouts -but rarely a management walkout.
Working on a range of transactions from management buy outs, mergers and acquisitions she specialises in helping organisations to define strategic direction when planning for growth through acquisition, or when restructuring or selling.
The figures reflect the increasing role asset based finance is playing in the funding of mergers, acquisitions and management buy outs, such as the recent MBO at Black Country architectural ironmongery distributor Laidlaw Solutions Ltd.
GI, whose UK portfolio features Scottish-listed building Camperdown House and a health care group, specialises in management buy outs and acquisitions.

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