management buyout

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Management buyout (MBO)

Leveraged buyout whereby the acquiring group is led by the firm's management.

Management Buyout

The act of the senior management of a publicly-traded company buying all of the company's shares outstanding. A management buyout gives the management complete control of the company and allows it to operate without recourse to shareholders. A management buyout is usually heavily leveraged and is a form of going private.

management buyout

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The cash raised will be used to support the pounds 30m it currently has available in liquid funds to facilitate management buy-outs in the coming year.
Founded in 1989, the firm specializes in organizing, structuring and sponsoring management buy-outs, going-private transactions and recapitalizations of established public and private companies.
The firm specializes in organizing, structuring and sponsoring management buy-outs, going private transactions, and recapitalizations of established public and private companies.
These included some 38 deals by North-East acquirers, as well as two management buy-outs and three funding rounds.
Mike Higgins and Stuart Hands (above) set up Fusion Corporate Finance to work with companies and management teams on acquisitions, disposals and management buy-outs.
It has completed over 150 management buy-outs in the last 10 years.
HW Corporate Finance expects to complete more than 35 deals nationally this year, predominately management buy-outs, acquisitions and disposals as well as financial due diligence.
The fund invests in businesses with high growth potential in the most under-invested parts of England and is searching for a range of developments, from start-ups to management buy-outs, in the North-East.
In order to clarify the effect of some of these provisions on management buy-outs, a memorandum of understanding on the tax treatment of managers' equity investments in venture capital and private equity backed companies' was issued by the Inland Revenue at the end of July.
The methods of raising capital, including venture capital are analysed, and the workbook reviews the technical and practical issues in mergers and acquisitions and management buy-outs.
They include the management buy-outs of Telford-based manufacturer, QA (Ironbridge), and Redditch firm Cirrus Technologies, while a string of acquisitions include purchases by Teepee Electrical 2002 and Shropshirebased materials handling company H J Digwood.
Research by independent analyst Corp Fin showed that the law firm - which has an office in Newcastle - advised on more mergers, acquisitions and management buy-outs than any other group in the first half of 2003.

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