management audit

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Management Audit

A measurement and report of the effectiveness and results of certain business procedures. Management audits are usually performed internally, and check to see that procedures have their intended effect. Unlike a compliance audit, which simply ensures that procedures are being followed, management audits challenge the assumptions and goals of procedures, with an eye toward improving efficiency. A management audit may recommend changes in procedures resulting from observed inefficiencies in existing procedures. See also: Audit, Assurance.

management audit

A detailed audit that concentrates on analysis and evaluation of management procedures and the overall performance of an organization. A management audit is undertaken to discover weaknesses and to institute improvements within the organization. Also called operational audit, performance audit.
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Contract notice: Elaboration of management audits of the canary islands municipalities at 31 december 2016 to 2019.
ODRC internal management audits annually evaluate compliance levels with all applicable ACA standards.
Since then, Congress has expanded the GAO's statutory authorities and frequently calls upon it to thoroughly examine federal programs and their performance, conduct financial and management audits, perform policy analysis, provide legal opinions, adjudicate bid protests and conduct investigations.
Applicable attest experience includes a combination of financial, compliance, operational and management audits, and, in some circumstances, review services.
Other features include; a jargon-free "how to" format; coverage of various audits including management audits, formal investigations and control risk self-assessments; and a set of standards that can be adapted by managers from all types of organizations to help develop a systematic way of performing internal reviews.
The grand jury investigates county and city governments, participates in fiscal and management audits, and prepares reports.
Although management audits have assumed a negative connotation in some circles, they can be a useful tool for improvement if approached with the right attitude.
Finally, they want more data on the company's current value accounting, budgeted income statements, management audits and segment information.
While the purpose of an overbilling audit is to identify possible overbillings, management audits are designed to improve the client's management of future cases.
Staff members from throughout the Federal Reserve System assist us in performing management audits, or operations reviews as we call them of the Board's offices and divisions.
A down-to-earth approach is taken throughout The Quality Audit for ISO 9001:2000, avoiding the impractical and nit-picking methods which have so often characterized quality management audits, making it an invaluable source of realistic advice.

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