Maintenance margin

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Maintenance margin

For derivative contracts, when the margin drops below the maintenance margin, the investor gets a margin call. The investor must post margin to the initial margin (which is higher than the maintence) or the contract will be liquididated.
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Maintenance Margin

The money or securities an investor keeps in a margin account in order to be able to borrow from a brokerage for short sales or other purposes. The maintenance is kept as collateral until the brokerage calls the margin and the client pays back what is owed. FINRA requires that the maintenance kept must be at least 25% of the amount borrowed, while some brokerages require maintenances of up to 50%. See also: Restricted account.
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Specifically, our objectives were to identify the likely impacts and risks for the Navy's logistics requirements that could result from shortened maintenance cycles between deployments; the Navy's plan for fulfilling major repair and maintenance requirements; upgrading and modernizing weapons, communications, and engineering systems; and performing nuclear refueling in the shortened maintenance cycle; and how the Navy's budget supports its plan to shorten maintenance cycles.
However, most processors say that the parts, for the most part, are limited to maintenance requirements, rather than full-fledged repairs.
To meet this challenge, new computerized tools are available that can prove invaluable in the assessment of current conditions and establishment of maintenance requirements and schedules.
The fixturing is simple and reliable, thereby reducing maintenance requirements by up to 90%.
The company has said that it will increase the size of the facility from 80,000 square feet to 144,000 square feet in order to accommodate the maintenance requirements of the new 70-passenger Embraer 170 regional jets.
The Lever 6000 is a heavy duty, variable speed, direct drive roll slitter designed to provide dependable long term performance with minimal maintenance requirements, according to the literature.
Because condominiums tend to have lower maintenance requirements than single-family homes, the units are a wise choice for buyers whose busy lifestyles often keep them away from home, Chee noted.
The schedule reduction from 880 to 663 flights will result in four aircraft becoming spares to substitute others that may not be available due to maintenance requirements, weather or traffic control according to a statement released by the airline.
Exposure and liability are limited due to low maintenance requirements and minimal operator presence.
(NFSA) announces the introduction of a new inspection form designed to cover all the mandatory inspection, testing, and maintenance requirements for sprinkler systems detailed in the 1992 edition of NFPA 25 - Standard for Testing, Inspection, and Maintenance of Water-Based Fire Protection Systems.

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