Emerging Markets Free index

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Emerging Markets Free index (EMF)

A Morgan Stanley Capital International index created to track stock markets in selected emerging markets that are open to foreign investment like Argentina, Chile, Jordan, Malaysia, Mexico, Philippines, and Thailand.

Emerging Markets Free Index

An index published by Morgan Stanley Capital International (MSCI) that tracks stocks in developing countries with a great deal of foreign direct investment. Example countries with stocks tracked by the index include Argentina, Jordan, and Mexico. As with all MSCI indices, it is weighted for market capitalization.
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Harmony Gold Mining (South Africa), Mediatek (Taiwan) and Kangwon Land (Korea) represent the largest inclusions in the MSCI EMF Index.
This is despite the MSCI EMF Index being up by 43% in 2003.
The MSCI EMF Index is a free float-adjusted market capitalization index that is designed to measure equity market performance across the global emerging markets.
MSCI had previously announced that the inclusion weight of the MSCI Taiwan Index in the MSCI EMF Index could be increased from 80% to 100% on May 31, 2001, if there was sufficient evidence of further opening of the Taiwanese equity markets to foreign investment.
1) MSCI EMF index market share is greater than 80 percent, MSCI and InterSec Research Corp.