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DOS (Disk Operating System)

a COMPUTER program which enables a computer to record and retrieve data from a rotating magnetic or vinyl disk. The most widely-used disk operating system is MSDOS, which is used on computers that are compatible with the IBM personal computer.
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On the other hand, if you require the extra space on your 80386 or higher, try upgrading to MS-DOS 6.
Even if write-caching is enabled, MS-DOS does not display the command prompt until SMARTDrive has written its cache to your disk.
The Bridge comes with Electric Desk software that runs under MS-DOS.
If you upgrade your operating system - particularly if you go from MS-DOS to a graphical system such as Windows - you should change your most frequently used applications to match the new operating system.
Various practical and economical multitasking systems are available for MS-DOS computers.
There are smaller groups of templates for Macintosh (based on HyperCard, Microsoft Works, and Excel) and for MS-DOS computers (based principally on Lotus 1-2-3, Symphony, and dBASE III) For each template Dykhuis gives source, price, and a very brief description of its function.
The product features the broadest support of standard operating systems, which includes the entire Windows family, Linux distributions from Mandriva, Red Hat, SuSE, Debian and Fedora Core, Legacy systems like OS/2 and MS-DOS, and FreeBSD.
MS-DOS was initially written by Tim Paterson of Seattle Computer Products and released first in August 1980.
As with MS-DOS and Windows, the company wants to build a ``platform,'' on which it and other companies can layer on more features that will keep customers hungry for updated versions of software.
Unisys has packaged Microsoft Windows with the MS-DOS operating system on the PW[2] line since 1988," said Armond Newton, vice president of business development, Unisys Personal Workstation Division.
To provide additional assistance for consumer product developers in bringing their products to market faster, Express Logic ported its NetX(TM) TCP/IP stack and its FileX(TM) MS-DOS compatible embedded file system to the MIPS32 Architecture.