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A unit of length used in printing. An em is one-sixth of an inch. It is also called a pica.

European Monetary System

A system established in 1979 whereby most member states of the European Economic Community linked their currencies to each other in anticipation of monetary integration. The first stage of the EMS was the European currency unit, then the ERM I, and, finally, the introduction of the euro and the ERM II. The European Monetary System also called for greater extension of credit between European countries. Among the methods the EMS used included the relative synchronization of national interest rates.
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"MMS is at the forefront of new mobile services that provide operators, service and content providers with new revenue sources and large amount of business opportunities.
Multimedia Messaging Service (MMS) is a messaging service that lets users of mobile handsets to create, send and receive messages combining text, images, graphics, audio and even video clips in a single rich message.
Operators across the globe are enabling MMS services for their mobile customers while mobile handset manufacturers are delivering MMS-capable mobile devices to consumers.