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Sao Tome and Principe signed, on Thursday, a country-specific memorandum of understanding for the implementation of the Lusophone Compact aimed at accelerating inclusive, sustainable, and diversified private sector growth.
The deal will help implement the wider Lusophone Compact, a financing platform involving the AfDB, Portugal, and the six Portuguese-speaking countries of Africa.
He adds: "SAP is investing in all Energy & Natural Resource Industries (utilities, oil & gas, mill & mining & chemicals) and in all African regions (South Africa, Sub-Saharan, Lusophone, North Africa, East and West Africa).
Portugal's long coastline, vast territorial waters, and privileged relationships with countries in South America and Lusophone Africa make it a gateway country for South American cocaine and a transshipment point for drugs coming to Europe from West Africa.
However, immigration for members of the lusophone has occurred in several waves and in turn, has resulted in distinct settlement patterns.
As a result of their geographical and conceptual situation between Amazonia and the Caribbean, they have often been treated as anomalous addenda to histories of a primarily Hispanic or Lusophone "Latin America." Joshua Hyles's worthy aim, in Guiana and the Shadows of Empire, is to narrate how the site of Walter Raleigh's chimeric El Dorado, became the three Guianas, with their diverging political trajectories.
Fuchs adds that it's time to focus more on West Africa, South Africa and the Francophone and Lusophone speaking countries.
La seconde prevue a 16h intitulee [beaucoup moins que] Anglophone, lusophone ou francophone : l'Afrique et ses litteratures plurielles [beaucoup plus grand que].
C4 Pedro is going head-to-head against the continent's best Portuguese-speaking artists in the Best Lusophone category, where he is pitched against fellow countrymen NGA and Preto Show, alongside Mozambique's Lizha James and Nelson Frietas (Cape Verde).
Utopia in Portugal, Brazil and Lusophone African Countries.