Lump sum

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Lump sum

A large one-time payment of money.
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Lump Sum

A large amount of money one spends at once, especially to make a large purchase. For example, if a house costs $175,000, and the buyer pays the total amount up front, the buyer is said to make a lump sum payment.
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Lump sum.

A lump sum is an amount of money you pay or receive all at once rather than in increments over a period of time.

For example, you buy an immediate annuity with a single lump-sum payment. If you receive the face value of a life insurance policy when the insured person dies, or receive the full value of your retirement account, those payments are also lump sums.

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Sum Assured on Death/Terminal illness paid as Lump sum Benefit to the nominee and the policy terminates.
"An annuity in general is more expensive than the lump sums right now and with interest rates being as low as they are, annuities are particularly expensive," Lawrence said.
Government has asked the citizens to lodge their complaints against charging of lump sum fee by the private schools on telephone number 051-5532287 and 03215243249.
The lump-sum election percentage decreases as the size of the lump sum increases.
From April 6, 2015, the punitive 55% tax charge that currently applies to lump sum death benefits paid from drawdown arrangements and uncrystallised rights that have been deferred beyond age 75, will initially be reduced to a flat rate tax charge of 45%; and any death benefits paid as an income to a beneficiary will continue (like now) to be taxed at the recipient's marginal rate.
This is intended to help companies and employees with lump sum relocation allotments.
But, after a small period of confusion, it clarified the lump sum death benefits that would come under the rules: ?
But research shows if you shift the perspective of retirement investors from thinking "lump sum" to thinking "monthly payout," you have a better chance at selling that annuity--with two important caveats.
Rockville, MD, August 02, 2014 --( Secure Horizon Settlements, LLC (SHS), a forward-looking and trustworthy financial services company, recently upgraded their funding process to better accommodate annuitants looking to convert their settlement payment into an immediate lump sum of cash.
THE salary rise from PS74,000 to PS94,000 led to a huge boost to Mr Burgess' pension pot and potential tax-free lump sum.