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Recommended sports: weight training, low-impact aerobics, walking.
After about 15 minutes of working on the machines, Gail and Bonita head down to the large, wood-floored room where a dozen other members have gathered for Gail's low-impact aerobics class.
Eating healthily, practicing Pilates or Gyrotonic to develop lean muscles, and doing low-impact aerobics to burn calories and lower your genetic set-point, are the smart ways to get in shape.
Young At Heart will offer a range of activities including salsa dance, tai chi, low-impact aerobics, armchair exercise, short walks, gym tours and holistic therapies.
She teaches low-impact aerobics, body sculpting and Pilates.
Suitable activities include brisk walking (not strolling), slow cycling, slow swimming, digging the garden, low-impact aerobics, dancing and tennis.
This motivating, versatile workout program integrates strength training, low-impact aerobics techniques and fitness-walking movements into four 10-minute workouts designed to be done indoors -- so anyone can get the benefits of a walking workout.

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