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Competition for the low-income housing tax credits is intense.
The low-income housing tax credit development participation initiative encourages the utilization of emerging businesses in the planning, design, and construction of low-income housing tax credit developments.
General Accounting Office in 1997 described the low-income housing tax credit program as "the largest federal program for funding the development and rehabilitation of housing for low-income households.
The report was released shortly after Congress authorized the permanent extension of the nine precent fixed rate low-income housing tax credit.
His real estate appraisal experience covers a wide variety of property types, including affordable housing (Section 8) and low-income housing tax credit properties.
Lamar Place, Mission, KS--The 84-unit complex received $2,500,000 funded under the Fannie Mae DUS[R] Multifamily Affordable Housing (MAH) Low-Income Housing Tax Credit (LIHTC) Loan product line.
The partnership will enable developers, property managers, asset managers, and others seeking to earn the premier designation in the Low-Income Housing Tax Credit industry to take the exam through IREM.

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